Praying For Life And Hope!

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Many years before this testimony when both my parents were still alive, I had a dream that I went into heaven. While in heaven I met both my parents. They were so happy to see me and there was an atmosphere of peace surrounding this place. We were in a massive white, marble like hall which seemed endless. There where thousands and thousands of people slowly walking toward the centre stage which had steps leading up what I believe, was a throne (could not see it). but I knew it was there. Then the dream ended....

In 1995, my mother came to see me to tell me that my Father (step dad) was needing an urgent operation and because of his age [he was much older than my mom] the chances of his recuperating [from the operation] was next to none. However, if he did not have this operation, he would die anyway.

Both my parents were unbelievers at the time and I knew that my mom was relying on my faith in God for a miracle...

So I went into prayer on his behalf and talked to the Lord about 2 Kings 20: 1-6, and said "Lord, you added another 15 years onto Hezekiahs life, you can also do this for my father because he is not saved and if he dies right now, I will never see him again"

I wrestled with the Lord all the way through night until the midst of it all I could hear the Holy Spirit telling me to relent [cease resistance] but I could not because I knew what the price would I continued. Finally I relented after many hours of wrestling and said that whatever happens Lord, let your will be done. I pray that when the doctors [specialists] check up on him the following day, that they will find nothing and Lord I pray that you will let him come home from the hospital because he hates being there.

To make a long story father, who was in hospital at the time, was checked over by specialists [prepped before possible surgery] that morning and they could not find a thing wrong with him...All they said was " whatever was there before, is not there now" and that was it. He was discharged that day.

My mom got saved because of that miraculous healing and my dad got saved later on. BTW...God added another 7 years to my dads life and he has been with Jesus since 2002. My mom is also with Jesus since 2019. I am believing for the rest of my family [brothers and sisters]...because I want to see them all again.

God is so merciful! Glory!


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