The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light (Isaiah 9:2)

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My prayer warrior friend and I were invited by our friend from Church (Will), to join others in a little village in the middle of a forest. The purpose was to pray for the people there, as his friend (Luke) who lived in this village, was hoping for a break through in the atmosphere over the whole area as there were only a couple of Christians living there and the place was very dark and sinister. Unbeknown to us, a guy got stabbed there a few days before our arrival.

I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to go so the three of us set off together as a prayer team We stayed at our host, Luke's house while we were there. Luke did not explain to Will all the details of this little town until we got there. He had also asked other prayer warriors in the near by towns ( who knew this little village) for prayer assistance but they did not come and I wondered why this was so???

Unbeknown to us however - this little village was a gang! [meaning: the whole town was related to each other and it was controlled by a particular gang]. It was a gang town...

This explained why we were the centre of attention while there...however, it did not deter us from our purpose. We had a walk around the village and got a little more information about the place. Our host (who told us nothing until we turned up there) told us that the people in this town would disappear at about 1am in the early morning and return just before the sun came up. They were going out raiding and coming back with the spoils of their raids, then sharing it with each other.

That night we settled in and began to pray for this village according to God's will [binding and loosing]. During the long and heavy prayer sessions, we began to notice that people were beginning to gather outside the house but we thought nothing of it [we were kind of an enigma anyway, because we were strangers in their little town]. The next day we said farewell to our host (Luke) and left for home.

Luke contacted us a few days later to tell us what had happened after we had left. Apparently, people were telling him what they experienced that night. They said that his whole house (which we were praying in) was glowing and they were wandering why, others said they saw angels with swords right around the house. Many people from that little village got saved because of that experience...

We did nothing but pray just as God had intended us to do and the power of God came down and he revealed himself to a people...People who live in darkness, who saw a great light. Amen!

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