Theology Vs A Personal Relationship

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If you had a choice of two Surgeon's fresh out of med school or an experienced surgeon in a specific field of medicine which you or your loved ones require, which surgeon would you choose?

Experience isn't everything but it sure does make a difference when it comes to our peace of mind and having to make difficult decisions when faced with insurmountable odds.

A personal relationship with Jesus is far better than trying to work out theological concepts and ideas created by men so that they feel like they have some form of control over their own lives by trying to put God in a box.

Christianity is simple. Believe and receive.

The O/T Leaders and Apostles were not perfect but they did give us little pearls of wisdom to live by, based on their own personal experiences with God and our Lord Jesus
The Father's of our Faith laid the very foundation stones in which most of us are now walking. Glory!


Angelina G. 02/01/2013

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