CHRISTians : do not earn God's Gifts.

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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola

Jesus said that if you gain the whole world BUT in the process you lose your own soul... = you die and go to Hell.. . .So, then you've gained THAT as the end payment regarding all your worldly gain...

So, a sinner, comes to Jesus and Gains Eternal LIFE by being Born again........ and they have it, as soon as they are born again.

Salvation is how we gain the very life of Christ, as "imputed Righteousness"...
Every living Breathing and DEAD Born Again Christian, died = having Eternal Life already, and that is because Eternal life, just like Righteousness and God's Salvation, is a "GIFT" that you can't earn or keep, by self effort.


It "the GIFT of Eternal life"< and its Given...not earned..........

Listen to Jesus explain it..

"""""""ALL who believe in me.......I GIVE UNTO YOU.... ETERNAL LIFE, and you shall never go to Hell, (Perish).""""""

So we dont lose our Life to gain that... and its because Christ Sacrificed HIS OWN, on The CROSS, so that God could give it to us as : SALVATION.


God Gives 3 Instant GIFTS to the BELIEVER who is born again.

1.) "THE GIFT of Salvation".

2.) "The GIFT of Righteousness"

3.) "The GIFT of Eternal Life"..

The Apostle John says that "you can KNOW that you have ETERNAL LIFE, as this LIFE in is IN JESUS"

= And ALL the born again are "IN CHRIST".

Reader, dont let people who dont understand the Cross or Salvation, talk you out of your God Given GIFTs, by trying to con you, and deceive you, into believing that you have to earn them down here.
You do not.
See = the "Cross of Christ" for the UPDATE on why you have been Given Salvation, Righteousness, and Eternal LIFE.

Now, you are to : "Present your body to God as a living sacrifice, as your REASONABLE Service'...

But its just "service".... its not to gain Eternal life.


May 20, 2024
Balsall Heath
United Kingdom
I would not say we cannot have success in this life, even God understands the goodness of incentives. Who works for a company without benefits. I am not saying we should focus on material gain but that when we achieve it helps our belief. Well at least it is supposed to. A pastor at my church said, people who became millionaires from their acts of faith left the church. It shows that the Holy Spirit is what we need because this world cannot bring happiness, it helps but doesnt produce spiritual fruits.