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Clarification of cessation of all personal contact rule

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by lforrest, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. lforrest

    lforrest Well-Known Member Staff Member Admin

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    This is concerning the rule:

    • If a member requests the cessation of all personal contact, then please respect that member's wish.
    In other words, "Stop sending me messages." means just that. It could include, but not be limited to, PMs, new threads, emails, texts, etc. Obviously we cannot and never intended to police emails and texts that aren't sent from CB, but we could suspend or ban a member for doing something bordering on harassment. This rule anticipates people who cannot let go of an argument and seek to pursue it via PM or other means against the wishes of the receiving member. 99/100 times one should just be able to ignore entreaties but there are those cases where someone won't let go.

    This does not include so-and-so cannot post in my thread cause I said so arguments. But it would include a request where a prior incident gives reasonable cause to deny interaction.
  2. StanJ

    StanJ Lifelong student of God's Word.

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    Pretty much what I initially surmised. Thanks.
  3. Beloved212

    Beloved212 New Member

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    Makes sense to me too. Thanks for the update.