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Featured Climate Change is real

Discussion in 'Current Events & Politics Forum' started by aspen, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. aspen

    aspen “"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few

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    United States
    As long as it is not a Trump Bandwagon, I think you’re fine...
  2. Taken

    Taken Well-Known Member

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    United States
    God has provided MANKIND ALL needs necessary for MANKIND to be sustained upon the Earth.

    There has ALWAYS BEEN, a "CAVEAT" for MANKINDS Manner of USE of Gods PROVISIONS.

    Not a phenomenon. Gods Provisions USED FOR GOOD, has no adverse Affect upon MANKIND.

    MANKINDS "USE of Gods PROVISIONS" for what is NOT GOOD, SHALL Effect MANKIND negatively.

    Be IT:
    Governing authorities, Gems, Gold, Silver, Oil,
    Gases, ETC. WHEN USED FOR GOOD, it is according to Gods Pleasure for men to HAVE GOOD RESULT;
    When USED FOR EVIL, it is according to Gods Authority that EVIL shall reap the Consequences thereof.

    Not particularly a Secret, MANKIND has USED Gods Provisions FOR EVIL.

    Not particularly a Secret, the BIG Hoopla of ANY Issue the Government IDENTIFIES... AND...introduces a SO CALLED SOLUTION...
    Is Designed TO Separate the People from their Wealth and Enrich the Government....
    To convince the PEOPLE at Large to JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON.

    Wealth out of the hands of the People INTO the Hands of Corrupt Governments "DO NOT" RESOLVE the Effects of Gods Consequences FOR Using His Provisions for Evil.

    Glory to God,
  3. Reggie Belafonte

    Reggie Belafonte Well-Known Member

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    I think you are right climate change is real, it's starting to get cold now in Australia and it was hot only a month ago. :D;)

    Nothing has changed as to the weather from when the records have been recorded over all, we go through cycles all the time, I think Stonehenge points to this cycle best as they have found out that is what the point of the place was all about, 7 cycles or was it 12 in all I can't remember but it's proven correct as to the path that the world rotates in the solar system.

    Sure I believe in reducing emissions and not knocking down the forest like is going on for sure, but the main point of emissions is for peoples health point and I can say that such is not truly taken seriously in my State as many cars have real bad blow by problems, they are not blowing smoke but the compression rings are gone and fumes from oil in the sump stink and make one feel sick when driving behind them, i pull over and stop or try o over take them and we still have this toxic unleaded fuel, it's crap that pollutes the water table to stink like rotten eggs, the E10 fuel is much better. but hey the State is not truly serious in fact, as it's all a con job that they are peddling, they are lefty's that are in power in my State as well for years but they are the worst environmental by far because they are stupid because they lack common sense on any given subject as to the reality.
    It's all about fudging figures mainly to dupe the majority and fear mongering, that I have seen the proof of for years with such dribble they play, they are not truly serious at all, it's all a game to them just a tool in playing the game. sadly a lot of people are duped with such games.