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Oct 12, 2011
United States
Have you noticed that the most important work of Christ—our eternal salvation—is one of the doctrines becoming increasingly misunderstood? Until this all-important issue is settled and established properly, there can be no real spiritual growth, for all growth truths are based and supported in this single doctrine; and if there is no growth, there will also be much confusion and discouragement during the “fiery trials which are to try you” (1Pe 4:12).

You will eventually be restored to peace, but the more mature one is in Christ (Eph 4:15), the quicker the trial will be. All excessive difficulties derive from not knowing that God is for us no matter what; and long trials usually indicates unawareness of not understanding clear enough of the “acceptance” of the believer in Christ (Eph 1:6). God couldn’t love us more, because He loves us as much as He loves His Son (Jhn 17:23).

In Concert

The delay with souls consists in their not being clear as to the first work of the Lord Jesus; for when they are the question must be, “Where dwellest Thou?” And the moment the heart rests on Him and knows that He has got a place for me there, what an effect it has! It is a cheer to the heart to find there is my communion!

We will use the word concert, for the word communion has become so common that we have lost the real meaning of it. The meaning of communion with the Lord Jesus is that I am in concert with Him (just Him and you—NC). We are together in company, we are in the same line of things.

We talk of difficulties and perplexities! How little the heart is really in concert, in simple concert, with the Lord Jesus! He has gone up to the right hand of the Father in greater power than ever, and He is using the elevation that He has gone to, to effect deliverance for me from all things that would separate Himself and me in our fellowship (Satan can separate us at times from God’s fellowship, through carnal means, but can never separate us from His love—NC). He delights to have me in company with Himself about these wonderful things, and he uses His word to keep me from everything that would interfere with it. It is not a question of union: it is concert, which is the effect of union (one can be in union with God but be out of fellowship with Him, as God’s people the Jews are temporarily - Gal 5:25—NC).

There is a moment when the believer knows union with the Lord Jesus in glory. People talk of union, but do not know it. Has your soul ever got a glimpse by the Spirit of God, of the risen Lord Jesus – of “the mark” of which Paul speaks? How can you “press toward the mark” if you do not see it? “The mark” is the Lord Jesus in heaven (Who gives the “crown of life”—NC); He is my goal. Practically it is what souls have lost sight of. They do not look for acquaintance with Christ risen (we must know we are positionally where He is—NC). The first thing is education of the Word; the second, that Lord Jesus Himself must be seen. The Word delights the heart and mind, but until the eye of your soul has rested in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, you have not the model, the image for the Word to take; there is no formation.

All of us are in more or less trial and difficulty in which we can have company with the Lord Jesus (Phl 1:29). If I tell out all my difficulties to Him, I shall have the peace of God. What am I to do then? “Whatsoever things are lovely . . . think on these things.” You could not do this if you were not in peace. If worried by the affairs of life, you cannot manifest these beautiful traits of character. Unburden then your heart to your Father. Tell Him, and you will come out in the practical thing with the peace God; and the God of peace being with you.

The Lord Jesus is so good to me, that my heart is set on Him; and if it is, nothing will suit me but association with Him where He is. I can count on things as loss for Him; and “one thing I do,” I am set for “the mark.” I see Him superior to everything. What marks a man in communion with the Lord Jesus? He knows Him, he is in fellowship with His sufferings and he is forgetting the things that are behind.

If my heart is set on the Lord Jesus as my Object, and if I am attracted by Him, if I have found out what He has been for me, I am delighted to be acquainted and in concert with Him, and nothing but His path down here suits me. What then characterizes me practically (i.e. in practice—NC) is “forgetting those things which are behind.” One great proof of being in concert is that I am not strait-laced; I can enter into things in a godly manner. The Lord Jesus was the most natural Person possible.

--J B Stoney

MJS daily devotional for August 23

“The Gentile never was under the law; and being set in the Lord Jesus Christ, now that he believes, he stands on other ground, to which the law does not apply. Every believer is regarded by God as alive from the dead, to bring forth fruit unto God (the fruit of the Spirit isn’t works, but a state of being—from which all works are derived—NC). The law only deals with a man as long as he lives, never after he is dead. ‘Ye are become dead to the law by the body of Christ’ (Rom. 7:4). –J B Stoney (1814-1897).
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