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Live IN = the New You

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by Behold, Dec 3, 2020.

  1. Behold

    Behold Well-Known Member

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    Paul teaches that he learned how to exist in the right mind, within right believing, and now always has VICTORY.
    THose who are not in the right mind, are where Paul was, when he was talking about.."""that which i would not do i do, and that which i would do, i dont do.""""
    So, he keeps going.........more verses........and he explains how to resolve that legalistic situation.
    Most believers have not been taught how, and that is why they are stuck.

    The reality is....our "soul realm", the natural mind and the emotions, is not born again....Its only our SPIRIT that is born again.
    Did you note that the NT does not tell you to "renew your born again"?........no........of course not.
    But it does tell you to "renew your MIND"., as until you do, you live in the wrong mind = wrong believing , and that is the entire problem.

    So, until we change our minds, renew them into right believing, and get loose from the carnal mind, we exist born again = while living a lifestyle of committing works of the flesh = because we are living under the dominion of the law that empowers our carnality to run us, to cause us to "sin", tho for us, its really not, as its just works of the flesh.

    Sinner's sin.....the non born again.
    Believers, the born again, commit works or deeds of the flesh.

    IF you are "under the law" you sin.
    If you are "under Grace" you commit works of the Flesh.

    This is one of the first things that has to be understood, because when it isn't then a believer has no idea they are a 'new creation" no longer under the dominion of the LAW, and has no idea all their sin has been resolved by Jesus on the Cross.

    Here is a reality check Reader. If you are confessing sin, then you dont understand the Cross or the Blood Atonement, or your Salvation.
    And if you are doing this for many years, then that is TIME WASTED LIFE WASTED and you need to learn how to stop.
    """" but what about 1 John"..
    Right, what about it.
    See, you have been led to believe that your Christianity is SUPPOSED TO BE....>"i sin, i confess, i feel better, i start over.....then i sin again, confess again, ......repent.....and start over".
    Well that is the Devil's lie.
    And if he has really hung you in it, you believe that you are keeping yourself saved, by confessing and repenting each time.
    So, is that you?
    Then you need to listen to my THREADS, and get FREE from the DEVIL.

    So, there are a few things a born again person has to understand, these revelations must be found.....they must find the person, or the believer will just stay in the repenting confessing discipleship failure situation, and that is what the devil hopes you will do, Reader.

    If you are born again...then you are a "NEW CREATION"... You exist eternally now, IN The Kingdom of God. "IN CHRIST".
    You are not a "saved sinner".... You are a child of the LIGHT.
    You have to come to SEE Yourself THERE, as that is How God sees you.
    When you do, then you believing Right.
    And until you believe right, you will continue to try to be a good Christian, and you will fail. You will try to please God, and you wont.

    What pleases God, is when you are at REST in His Peace, and In His Grace, and from this RESTING From your WORKS, Christ will give you His power to live a perfected discipleship.
    Get your believing Right, and REST in God, and God then gives you power to live a holy life. = perfected discipleship= RIGHT BELIEVING.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2020