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  1. L.A.M.B.

    The Fight......

    Make no mistake we are in a battle. It is a fight unto the death. Choosing God we choose life and then our battle becomes a real" spiritual battle" against satan & his forces. How can we be prepared? Ephesians 6 11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles...
  2. PossibleThrowawayAccount

    Is it possible to get my faith back?

    Trigger warning: abuse, other themes Sorry for the long read. I made an account on this forum specifically to ask my fellow Christians for help. I hope none of this comes off as rant-ish, I posted this because I need help with my faith. My life has always been a mess and for the past ten years...
  3. Behold

    More about Real Faith

    - Salvation is not what you do for God, but rather, its what God did for you on The Cross, as a GIFT of Love. And what is that? Its this. You live here, down here, where sinners live, and all around you is a "world system" that is a secularized Christ rejecting, "secular" ideology. God does...
  4. gabby

    afraid holy spirit will never come back to me

  5. L.A.M.B.

    Can you help me ?

    Hello, thank you before hand........... Someone on here has an avatar that is partially what I want to use in my next tattoo. It is a crown of thorns and a Gold bejewled crown. I don't remember the name and can't find the avatar now. Blessings
  6. Lev Rygalin

    Help me comeback to Russia pls

    Hello there. I left Russia at the end of February because of the war. Now I want to get back into the fields of my ministry: full-time evangelism, youth ministry, small groups, bible school, and missionary trips.
  7. MatthewG

    Holy Spirit - As a Teacher - Truth (Scripture)

    Hello to you, This is information about how the Holy Spirit is a teacher. (Please consider the bigger picture in exploring more of the surrounding context). “You also gave Your good Spirit to instruct them, And did not withhold Your manna from their mouth, And gave them water for their...
  8. MatthewG

    Bible Study - Help - Different Bible Books

    An interesting thing to know about the Bible, is that there was some that were all together and then at one point in time either books were discredited and not considered inspirational enough to go with the Protestant Bible which has 66 written books and letters. The Hebrew Bible doesn’t have...
  9. Behold

    Choose Heaven........not hell

    - Lets look at something.. Reader. Most people, including most believers, falsely think and believe........>"God sends some to hell". But that is acutally not the case. Why? Well, its like this....... a eternal destination. a eternal destination. They are both waiting...
  10. rainjayF2

    questions about christian doctrine

    Hi beautiful people 1. Jewish friend told me that the trinity is contradictory how would you answer 2. what is superceding theology and how is it antijewish 3. what must one believe to be part of the church body 4. what were the politics of Jesus 5. why is Islam false
  11. MatthewG

    Flesh vs Spirit (Rough Drawing Board - Lesson)

    The spirit helps overcome the flesh; by seeking God through prayer and supplications. Though no one will ever be perfect you can at least see here where the flesh can be held back by The spirit of Christ with-in you holds back the flesh though you have a choice to react in the flesh or the...
  12. Z

    Urgent Prayer! Please Help!

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, My name is Jerry and I'm new to this site. I'm currently in a very very bad financial situation right now. I mean I'm utterly defeated and see no hope. I have created a GoFundMe page, but I'm not sure if it's okay to post it here. Please let me know if it's okay to...
  13. Behold

    Jesus is : Eternal Security

    - Its is a sad fact that a person can be born again, and not actually understand anything about how and why, and be saved 40 yrs. Listen Saint... We live in an era where time is speeding up, info technology is off the rails, and Reality is becoming "virtual". So, the effect of all this on our...
  14. Behold

    Happy Resurrection Day

    Jesus is ALIVE< - -
  15. GRACE ambassador

    Grace Word For infirmities!

    God's ALL-Sufficient GRACE in our infirmities: Grace And Peace to All Precious friend(s), Dear readers, and, diligent students of God's Holy Word! Praying Hopefully The Following Scriptures Will Bring God's "Peace, Hope, And Comfort" into your life in This Current Dispensation Of The Amazing...
  16. Behold

    Who is : The Original Bible Corrector

    - The original bible corrector is Satan. Satan, is the original bible corrector. Let me show you. When Lucifer was in heaven, he eventually proved that he's the fool of all fools. He's the king of fools. This created being had it all. He had gifts, he was amazingly beautiful, he was able to...
  17. Behold

    Live IN = the New You

    Paul teaches that he learned how to exist in the right mind, within right believing, and now always has VICTORY. THose who are not in the right mind, are where Paul was, when he was talking about.."""that which i would not do i do, and that which i would do, i dont do."""" So, he keeps...
  18. Behold

    The Problem with confessing...

    The problem with confessing... Yes, there can be a BIG problem with confessing.. and repenting, and sinning and confessing, and repenting, and confessing, and repenting, and confessing, and repenting, and on, and on, and on, and this has become your Christianity.. its become your discipleship...
  19. Behold

    How to keep from "falling from Grace".

    Keeping yourself from falling from Grace, is not just automatic. Many reasons for this.. 1.) The main reason, is innate within yourself. Understand....we are pride based adamic nature sinful failures. We were all hell bound, until God left Heaven and went to the Cross "For the sin of the...
  20. Behold

    How is OSAS or Eternal Security best understood?

    The best way to explain the correct understanding of Eternal Security (OSAS), is to explain it as "The finished work of Jesus on the Cross", applied to every believer that causes them to be BORN Again. Eternal Security is the fact of God providing Jesus as our redeemer, unto us. This is why...