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Peace thru and from

Discussion in 'Christian Spirituality Forum' started by Behold, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. Behold

    Behold Well-Known Member

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    If you are born again, then Jesus has created your peace with God that is always in effect.

    If you ever feel that you are not at peace with God, then that is "fleshy" condemnation, and..... "there is no condemnation" IN Christ.
    Feelings of guilt, remorse, regret, are the natural substance of the natural mind, and we are sometimes going to feel them, YET, we are always at peace with God.

    Now your life, is going to have its bitter seasons, and its difficult moments, and sometimes you caused them, but because your peace that exists with God is not caused by you, it also can't be kept by you or ended by you.
    Your peace with God was gained by Jesus's Blood and this peace that is gained by the Blood Atonement is always establishing your "at peace" relationship with God, no matter what you feel.
    Dont be a slave to your feelings, but instead be always liberated by the Truth that is God's Grace.

    Sometimes God will rescue us from a big problem, and sometimes God will rescue us in the problem and through it.
    Sometimes God delivers us from the Thorns of Life, and sometimes God comforts us in the Thorns.

    God is very interesting and powerful.
    If you are born again, He is able to use all the experiences of your life to shape you into a person who is more like Jesus.
    Bad things come to us, hurtful things...and good things come to us and wonderful things, and all this is just "LIFE". ITs just what life brings.
    And if you are born again, then during the bad time and the good times, and at all times, you always have peace with God, because of the Blood of Jesus.

    If you live long enough, you'll bury your parents.
    You will watch them grow old and weak and one day they are gone.
    In that time, you will suffer. You will hurt. But if you are born again, this experience is one more whereby you will discover that no matter the darkness of the hour, God is always the Light. And no matter the depth of the despair, God will always bring you His Peace.
    Saint, if you will walk with God, which means to lean on Him for everything, constantly, then when you have the hard times, the desperate times, you will find that God is able to give you peace with the pain, and Grace in the storm.

    A word of caution.....
    Satan is the "accuser". He will accuse you of anything he can... to make you confused, and feel guilty, and feel condemned, and live a life full of regrets.
    Satan wants you to live outside of God's peace and inside of anxiety and misery and torment.
    One of the worst situations you can find yourself in, is to be away from God, backslidden, cold, and suddenly you have a Trip to the ER, and its your mama, or your dad, or your kid......
    And there you are, and you are not able to pray, not able to believe, not able to have the faith you want, when they need you to have it.
    And why? Its because Satan has come to your life, and is now causing you such guilt and condemnation in that MOMENT.
    He will be raging inside your head, telling you that you have not been praying, you have not been reading your bible, you have not cared about God for months, for years, and so NOW do you think that God is going to help you? Do you think God is going to hear your prayers for your mama, daddy, children, when you have not cared about GOD at all for a LONG TIME. ?????

    Saint, dont grow cold, as you do not want to find yourself in that place, or similar.