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Please help

Discussion in 'Christian Finance Forum' started by Jinah Park, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Jinah Park

    Jinah Park New Member

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    United States
    Hello everyone.
    This is my first time on this forum and my first time posting.

    My family is going through financial troubles with debt and we’ve been praying hard but this situation is just so hard and sometimes, it just feels like God isn’t there. I know He is but we’re all just so worn out.

    I’ve decided to start a GoFundMe to try and raise enough money to help my parents.
    I know it’s a lot to ask and I don’t know if it’s actually okay to ask on here but I really don’t have anywhere else to turn after asking all my friends, not even family.

    I would like to carefully ask if you could either donate or share this link with those that you know: (removed)

    Again, I apologize if this isn’t appropriate for this forum. I would also like to thank everyone for reading, sharing and/or donating. Thank you all so much and God bless ❤️
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  2. lforrest

    lforrest Well-Known Member Staff Member Admin

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    Sorry about your financial difficulties. And that we can't permit links asking for donations. I only removed the link so others can still pray over it.
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