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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola

If you are truly born again, and not just water baptized and religious, then "God who started SALVATION in you will HIMSELF be Faithful to complete it".

(Paul) ...= Philippians 1:6

Now, if you believe the word of God, then believe that verse, and never again try to keep yourself saved by confessing or commandment keeping or any other SELF EFFORT to try to Stay SAVED.
See, when you are doing that, you are NOT trusting in Christ, you are trusting in YOU, and that is broken faith.
And may God help you to see that and be delivered from that Broken Faith.., if im talking to you.

Now, We are told by the NT that because we are "in Christ", and Christ has "overcome the world", then in that regard, in the born again SPIRIT, we have also.
However, you still have you own mind, and your own mind is the battlefield where the Devil brings temptation, and your own flesh wants to be FED carnal works.
Reader, Paul tells us NOT to resist the flesh, but to understand that our "old man of sin" = the nature of the flesh, is "crucified with Christ".
So, Paul teaches us to ""esteem it, reckon it... = DEAD.""

Now, if you dont get that mind... that understanding..... then you are still trying to deal with your flesh by your mind, by willpower, and that only creates continual sin consciousness and this is empowered by the Law.
"The power of sin is THE LAW".. and that means when you TRY to do good..and be good..... because you BELIEVE that this is what God accepts to accept you, then you are not in the right mind... you are in the carnal mind.. of SELF Righteousness, = trying to be accepted by God.
And Reader, do you see that Cross of Christ?
God only sent Jesus there as our eternal acceptance, and you have to stay there in your understanding regarding that spiritual reality.
Reader, only Jesus Saves, and you can't do that for yourself, so STOP TRYING.
You have to ONLY realize and BELIEVE that THE Cross of Christ is ALL that GOD provided and accepts, to accept you.
Jesus told you in John 14:6 that its only by HIM, that you can go to the Father and be accepted by the Father.
Most Christians, are trying to do that for themselves, by water baptism, and commandment keeping and trying to live in repentance, and trying to be like Christ...... and when you do ALL that , = YOU are trying to bypass The Cross to be accepted and stay accepted by God and He rejects all that SELF Righteousness.

See it?

Now, to overcome your flesh, and to overcome temptation, is to exist here...

A.) Paul teaches... "i can do ALL things Through CHRIST, who/which strengthens me"...

Now, see that "STRENGTHENING"?
That is not Paul trying to resist sin or confess it.
That is not Paul trying to grit his teeth and self will himself out of wrong desires.
Not at all..
That is Paul explaining that when you WORK at Self Righteousness, then God rests.. And when you instead rest in God's Grace trusting that CHRIST is your Righteousness, then God STRENGTHENS You according to His Spirit that is the only power that can OVERCOME what you face and feel that is not Holiness and Righteousness.

Listen Saint..

Get this understanding..

Salvation is All sin forgiven, and its also, God joining Himself to us, so that we become "the Temple of the Holy Spirit".

And now we are to live in THAT place of understanding... regarding who we have become as a BORN AGAIN....."new Creation" '"in Christ"... = "ONE with God", having been "made righteous".

Reader, .....God has provided HIS POWER In YOU, as your walk of Discipleship's Spiritual FRUIT.
See, when you bear fruit,.. that is God doing it through you... .Not you trying to fake it and make it.
You will endlessly be a discipleship failure... if you try to DO THAT..... because its only "by my Spirit sayeth the LORD" who is IN YOU, that is your POWER to live the Holy Life.
This is why Jesus told us..>"apart from ME, you can do nothing".
And to be apart, is not to become unsaved... it means that you have shut off the Power of God by trying to Do it, instead of resting IN the Grace of God that is the overcoming place of victorious life and living.

And the KEY is to simply understand that, and rest in this understanding....... as once you do ...then your MIIND is aligned with God's Grace, and you have """worked out your Salvation.""
And when you stay there in that renewed mind.....when this mind of real faith becomes established, then you are this.. Paul teaches.

= "As many as be PERFECT"...

Once you SEE all this, then when you read Paul's verse that says....>"I die Daily'".......then you'll understand that he's saying..

He's teaching....."ive stopped trying to DO Salvation"... "i got the ME ME ME" out of it""""", and ""now i REST in the finished work of Jesus on the Cross that is my SALVATiON that IS the power of God in me, that i received as "the GIFT of Salvation" and "The GIFT of Righteousness"."""
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