The real Fascists are the LEFT,

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May 3, 2022
United States
Trump won't be elected again. He will soon be a convicted felon, found guilty of several crimes. Hopefully he will be in prison for a long time.
The Left would celebrate if Trump was murdered.


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Jan 2, 2014
United States
The Reaction to Giorgia Meloni Makes Everything Clear - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

The D.C. smart set has commenced screeching and fearmongering about Meloni — who’s so radical that she’s a member of the Aspen Institute. Here’s what CBS News put on YouTube following Meloni’s victory:

Yep, fascism. If you want to promote a traditional family rather than the queer and trans agenda, you’re a fascist.

If you’re for preserving the nation-state, including tasking the government to maintain and secure its borders and to control immigration, you’re a fascist.

If you’re for an economy not dominated by politically connected multinational corporations and global finance, you’re a fascist. Even though the history of fascism shows it directly requires government collusion with big business and Mussolini’s fascist party explicitly said the essence of fascist economic policy was corporatism, which Meloni specifically rejects, you’re a fascist.

Why does this matter? Because this is precisely what’s at stake in November in this country.

Psaki said it. Democrats have to turn all the Republicans —Herschel Walker, Tiffany Smiley, Don Bolduc, Joe Kent, Blake Masters, J.D. Vance, Lee Zeldin, and all the rest — into Giorgia Melonis and Benito Mussolinis. They’ve got to sell this fascist conspiracy nonsense wrapped up in a veil of terror.

“Ultra-MAGA” and “semi-fascist” and “a threat to Our Democracy.”

“Our Democracy,” by the way, is a code word for all the things Meloni is talking about in her speech. It’s another one of these Orwellian terms — it means forcing critical race theory, intersectionalism, transgenderism, global woke dictatorship, international ESG finance, corporate oligopoly, political weaponization of law enforcement to suppress dissent and opposition, climate alarmism, and the Great Reset down our throats. (READ MORE: The Great Upheaval Is Coming. It’s Almost Here.)

All of the things which poll about as well as scabies and the Rings of Power. Team Biden and the Democrats can’t sell any of that. Like Psaki said, if those things are on the ballot, which in a referendum on Team Biden they would be, the red wave will come and submerge their entire project.

So it has to be “fascism.” And if what comes out of the mouth of Giorgia Meloni, the 45-year-old single mom who’d be lauded as the #GirlBoss tutti i tempi fantastica if her politics mirrored those of Liz Warren, resonates with you, that makes you Literally Hitler as well.

And all stops will be yanked out of place to sell this narrative. For example, here is the Mostly Satanic Hillary Clinton…
The recent supposed leaker on top secret info is a 21 year old male Air Force Guardsman, identified as a Christian who likes guns, and hanging out on war gaming servers where Memes of homosexuals and transgender are passed around?

Absolutely the leftist democrats are trying to build a fake news narrative
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