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What about the appearances of UFO's?

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by charleychacko, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. charleychacko

    charleychacko New Member

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    I do not deny that there are physical manifestations of UFO's and that many people have claimed to have seen them and even been abducted by them. But the issue is not whether these things occur, but what they are. Research of UFO abductees has led to some interesting discoveries. According to those abducted, the aliens are teaching theology. The curious thing is that the theology is New Age theology; namely, that we are all divine, all evolving to higher levels of consciousness, that reality is what you perceive it to be, etc. These are anti-Christian teachings. In some cases, comments about Jesus himself have been made that directly contradict biblical revelation. I've studied the New Age for quite some time, and a great many people in the New Age not only accept Aliens and UFO's, but teach that they are more highly evolved than we are and that we need to learn from them. In addition, an inordinately high percentage of the abductees have had previous experience with the occult. I remember when I was younger and into s顮ces, necromancy, psycho kinesis, and astral projection. One night I looked into the sky and saw a very bright light that moved at an extremely high rate of speed and made sudden and sever changes in direction during its flight. It moved extremely fast and accelerated out of sight as it moved high into the night sky and disappeared. I saw this with my own eyes. But it doesn't stop there. During my occult days, I also saw many other unusual manifestations, heard voices, and saw things move. I could go on. But suffice it to say, that I confirm the findings that those who experience UFO phenomena are very often involved in the occult. This is alarming and a major warning. My conclusion is that the UFO phenomena is occultic in origin and demonically based. I do not believe there is life on other planets and I suspect that what has manifested is nothing more than a great deception that is slowing enveloping mankind.
Thread Status:
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