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Sinners Who Rebel Against God

  1. Blog Description

    What happens to sinners when they rebel against God?

    When Saul was appointed King to rule in the place of King Samuel he was granted the title of king by God. God appointed Saul to remain King of ... because he was God's chosen ruler because he was a stable and patient God-fearing Christian. However, once Saul was appointed King he gained wisdom and power that quickly backfired. Although King Saul had a large and well-trained militia, Saul faced many hardships while establishing his role as King. Apparently Saul was faced with adversity when he went against King David's militia in hopes to kill David and his men. As Saul prepared to take down King David and his men his faith in God began to decline because he used emotion rather than logic and lost. King David a God-fearing Christian used logic from God to help strengthen his army and prepare for attack against their opponents. Given that David was on God's side, God helped strategize ways to help King David's militia determine when an attack was to take place. God also helped the men find a safe place to hide when King Saul's men were preparing to ambush their opponents. In the end King Saul died because King David's army was stronger and Saul killed himself for fear that David's army would kill him first. Saul's actions displayed his week side showing that deceit and deception as King could not fully sustain Saul as ruler. In reality Saul was not fit for the position of King because he did not keep God on his side during his reign.