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By marksman · Jan 11, 2020 ·
  1. Yet another attack on the rights and needs of children has happened. You may already know about this, but it needs to be said.

    There are thousands of pieces of research that show a child does best being raised by their own biological mother and father, both of whom are present in the relationship.

    Why is it then that governments blatantly reject this evidence and make it legal for any Tom, Dick and Homosexual to have and raise children? In fact, any permutation will do as far as they are concerned.

    Any move to allow any Tom, Dick and Homosexual is a case of discrimination against children but who cares as long as we don’t offend selfish adults?

    I have an investment in this as I was raised without a father and it is not good by any stretch of the imagination. My life would have been completely different if I had a father I could learn and draw from.

    I remember seeing one of my mates on his 13th birthday hug his Dad when he received his birthday present from him. I felt totally strange seeing this as I had never seen a person being hugged by another in my home. It was to say the least weird.

    I realise afterward that it happened because they loved each other, and it was quite normal.

    There are websites now on the web where a single woman can find a man who is prepared to give her the sperm she needs to produce a baby without having to consider marriage or getting emotionally involved.

    In other words. I want a child, bugger the needs and outcomes for that child. I don’t doubt for one moment that the woman concerned would make a good mother because mothers have a natural mothering instinct, but she would make a hopeless father which a child needs.

    How do we know this? Simple. God created Adam and Eve to get married and go forth and multiply. He did not create Adam and Eve for a bit of nooky and to go their separate ways.

    There is no indication in scripture that Adam and Eve did anything but live together all of their lives and produced the children that they were intended to. As did all those that followed them.

    In addition, the chances are that the mother would be employed full time in the workforce which means the child will be raised by strangers in a childcare centre.

    So governments have constantly rubbished the needs and rights of the children, robbed them of the security that they need and get from their own mother and father and allowed as I have said any configuration to have or produce children that creates unhappiness for that child.

    And we wonder why kids go off the rails in such large numbers these days. When you live in an insecure environment, what do you expect? They are neither Arthur nor Martha.

    Just for the record, it is a known fact that 60% of all Blacks in America are raised in a family where only the mother is present.

    Just for the record, 80% of all incarcerations in jails are black males. I wonder why?

    Just for the record, kids hate divorce as I found out when I studied family relationships for my Social Science degree. And…they hate blended families as a result of divorce and remarriage.

    Governments in particular and society in general need to wake up and put the needs of children first and foremost and stop all this legalising of relationships that favour adults and cruel the patch for children.

    And one final fact. Children who have been raised by homosexuals when interviewed all said life was wonderful. How could they not when the two homosexuals that raised them were in the room.

    When they were interviewed when they reached the age of 21 and did not need the parents to be with them, most said that life was hell. Truth will out.
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