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By marksman · Nov 9, 2019 ·
  1. A headline in the newspaper I read said: "SAME-SEX UNIONS DIVIDE CHURCH." Uniting Church ministers who oppose same-sex marriage said they are being pushed, harassed and bullied out of the church by progressives at the helm of Australia's third-largest denomination.

    "They are using church procedures and withholding of funding and all sorts of tactics to get us to toe the line" (on same-sex marriage) said Rev. Lu Senituli, pastor of a large Tongan congregation.

    This particular denomination has been on the ropes for a while now. They have been closing down churches and selling property off because their numbers have dwindled so much. One report said that 50% of their churches have closed down. They were one of the first to get on the bandwagon of same-sex marriage and approve it and homosexuals being ministry leaders.

    Now it seems that this so-called progressive lot is calling the tune and you either go with what we decide or you can bugger off. If that isn't a satanic takeover of a denomination I don't know what is. I don't know why they are called progressive as siding with the enemy is regressive to my way of thinking. The progressive ones are those who will not bow the knee to secularism and stand by the teachings of the word of God. One of my local Anglican dioceses has come out firmly against same-sex marriage and the world is pillorying them for doing so. God bless them.

    But in so many western countries, churches are being attacked and forced to align themselves with the world's take on things and if you do not then you are intolerant and not Christlike. It seems that according to them, Jesus approved of sin if it is homosexuality.

    The headline is so sad that a denomination is fighting over approval of sin. There can only be one result and that is the denomination will become a hollow caricature of what it should be, having a form of religion but denying the power of it. In things of this sort, there is always a slippery slope and if what I call the regressives have control, the slope will be downward and it will be the first step to making way for other sins on the basis of equality and love.

    If the truth sets you free as the scriptures tell us it does, then admitting sin and sinners like this will serve one thing and one thing only and that is bondage.

    Some time ago I attended a Metropolitan Community Church service. That is a church that is run by homosexuals for homosexuals. The leader was a lesbian who dressed up in all the regalia to show her importance. Believe me. The meeting was as dead as a dodo. Life had left the building and they obviously thought that by saying all the right things was going to get them to heaven. No such luck I am afraid. They were dead spiritually and deceived before they die and they will be just as dead spiritually after they die. Sad to say their deception will be staring at them in the face. Even worse they will find out too late that their destination will be a hell of a place.


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