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By marksman · Jan 24, 2020 ·
  1. Do you know one of the biggest barriers to the unbeliever accepting Jesus? If you don't know and you may, it is the church or what is called the church.

    I did a two-year study of the church in the New Testament and believe you me, you would never believe that the church today was the church if you had done the same study. They are alike as chalk and cheese.

    The New Testament church was full of power. In the main, we lack power of any kind.

    The New Testament church met in homes and met each other's needs. Today's church meets in buildings and only meets other's needs when they are asked to.

    The New Testament church went everywhere preaching the gospel in a conversational manner. Today's church rarely steps outside the door of their meeting place.

    The New Testament church was noted for how much they loved one another. Today the church is noted for how much they dislike each other (denominations).

    The New Testament church was all one in Christ. Today's church is divided as any church can be.

    The New Testament church was prepared to die for believing that Jesus was the Christ. Today the church would rather entertain its members.

    The New Testament church followed the Apostles doctrine. Today's church follows the denomination's doctrine.

    The New Testament church impressed people by how they lived. Today's church does not seem to impress anyone (with exceptions).

    The New Testament church impressed by how much they knew about the Saviour. Today's church seems to know very little about anything let alone the word of God.

    The New Testament followed the teaching of the apostle in the areas of church government and leadership. Today's church follows the demands of the denomination re its government and leadership.

    We may be part of a "church" but in comparison to the New Testament church, the church does not exist today. It is more like a business in the case of megachurches, or charitable organisations in the case of smaller churches.

    If we were a New Testament church today, there would be only one church in each town. It would be governed by a body of Elders all of whom had grown up in the town and the church so you know who you were appointing and so stop the failure of pastors for this, that and the other because you don't know their background because they come from a 1,000 miles/kilometres away.

    I have just read about a famous (sic) evangelist who they have now found out has a history of fornication. Not so in the New Testament way of doing things.

    We would need no money to pay for buildings because we would not have any. Everything would happen via the homes where we would gather to have meals together, learn, fellowship and pray. How good is that?

    All our money can go to helping the poor and the apostles whilst they were traveling and could not earnt their own
    keep, and giving money to widows who did not work because they had committed themselves to a life of prayer for the church which is what the New Testament did.

    if you want the whole world to hear and know the good news of Jesus Christ, all we have to do is shut down our man-made churches and let God build the house. Otherwise, we labour in vain.


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