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Brent W
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  • @Aunty Jane. That is my fault. The animated ones are all my smilies and I used various words that indicate their meanin.g. Now they pop up when the words are typed in a message. Fixing that mi8stake now......
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    Aunty Jane
    Aunty Jane
    I love the new emojis but in a post today I used the word "like" and when I posted it, the little "thumbs up" guy was in the sentence...only then did I make the connection. Thanks for the little guys, they're fun.
    I noticed it yesterday when I tried to type the word “running.” Actually, what I said was, running away. It replaced the word running with a run for the hills emoji. But it didn’t do it this time, here…
    Hi Brent....I have noticed that some of the new smilies/emojis (pleased to have them) are linked to common words and are thus replacing them in posts, which is a bit offputting, especially if the subject is serious....can we remedy this please? TIA.
    Hi Brent
    Just want to thank you for me being here, an answer to prayer.
    Still learning the many bells and whistles Lol!
    Stay strong in Christ Jesus
    Shalom to you and family
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    Hidden In Him
    Hidden In Him
    So you know, Johann. I believe Brent W is long gone now. He was part of the development team back when CB and CF.com were first built (or so I understand it), but I believe he moved on with changes in ownership. Could be wrong, but I have never seen him post at either site in five years of being a member.
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    I was told to contact you.

    My stats are not updating properly. In the example several threads should be featured but are not.

    An example is one has over 100 posts.
    Good day Brent !
    Just a simple question. Is it possible to upload images in a post that is not from a URL. In other words, if I had a Jpg on my HD that compliments my post, could I in some way upload it into my post?
    Hi i have a question. I edited my blog, and there are now lines through a portion of it. Is there any wat to fix? Thank you!
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