Don't just trust this or that scripture, trust the Word *itself* (holy?)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So this is a simple revelation, about the Word of God. Yes, we can trust this or that scripture - "What I say to you I say to everyone: Watch!" or "You shall be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect" - that's all well and good. Indeed the Devil will flee even if you resist him on this basis. But greater than this, simply put, is to trust the entirety of the Holy Bible. Jesus said "don't worry beforehand what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will give you what to say, in the hour that you need it" (gospels, from memory) This concerns the trials we face. But there is so much more to life than trials. Realistically we should make a habit of leaving what we will do in this life, up to the Bible. If we move house, we should be mindful of being like Abraham. If we make big business plans, we should be diligent to tithe as Abraham did. If we go to war with other countries, we should be glad with the Lord's defens.e, as Abraham was. All these things are catalogued in the words of the Bible.

Indeed the Words of the Bible cover many, many aspects of life. Psalms for spiritual healing, Proverbs for mental acuity, stories of kings and knaves - the list goes on. The important thing, is that leaving life's decisions up to the Bible, is like saying "Lord willing, we will do things with our lives" (James). It is leaving up to God to speak through His Word. These things are the one thing, the Word established, trust in God. Escaping the trials of this life, will be easy if we have the Word of the Lord in our heart - if we are constantly heeding His Word, our way will be light. The Day will come when we stand before the Son of Man, because we have obeyed the Words of His Book. The Word of God, is God's Book. This is nothing new, this is recognizing the place for the words God has put together in His Book, already! The difference between this faith and the faith of someone who simply reads the Word when there is time, is that this is faith for the whole of life. If you are planning to read the Word for the whole of your life, all the gifts of the Spirit are yours.

With commitment comes mastery. As Jesus said "it is enough for a servant to be like his master" (gospels, from memory). By steeping our spirit in the words of the Holy Bible, we come to master the word and the weight of its importance becomes a mighty tool to us. With it we are able to discern the seed of the Word from the tares of the Devil. By trusting its principles, we are able to sow for future generations and to raise up leaders to the call of God, for the lives of the people. If we find work that draws on this mastery effectually, then we are able to do all things well. The spirits of fear and neglect and regret are cast out, they no longer have power over us. Now that you believe it, keep believing it. This is the way. This is the truth. The truth needs truth, that's the truth. If the Word of God lives and breathes in us, then we are truly alive!

Sanity, cure, fortitude - all these things are gained, by remaining in God's Word. Sanity, because we know not to sin; cure, because we know to trust the Holy Spirit's answer for the diseases of this life; fortitude because we come against the tares of the Devil at harvest and do not nourish ourself with his weeds. These things are bound up in promise, in the Word which was and is and will be. I hope you have found this of some encouragement.

God bless.