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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
When a person is born again, they enter eternal spiritual union with Christ, and they become dead to the law, for Christ is the end of the law to/for everyone who is born again.
Are you born again and not just water baptized and religious?
Then im talking to you.

The born again become dead to the law. Yet, this does not mean the law is bad, good, or otherwise., as the law is always holy.
The main purpose of the Law and the Commandments is to show you what you are really like and teach you that because you are unholy, you need to go to the Cross so that God can give you His Righteousness. As until you have it, you are not going to Heaven.

Being "saved", means that the law has no more dominion over the person as it had before they were born again.
In other words, spiritual union (being born again) has no law of Moses in it. it only has righteousness and Grace and Truth. This is why the verse says, "you are not under the law, you are under Grace".
Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you, and He is talking about Himself being in you, and you being born again as "the temple of the Holy Spirit"... becoming "One with God", "in Christ", forever.

The reason that Salvation is eternal, is because the basis for Salvation is eternal and the payment for sin is eternal. This means that there is nothing left that can ever again separate you from God once you are born again into the Spirit of God by the Holy Spirit.

The Reason ADAM had no way back to God after his "sin" was because Christ the Eternal was not available to Adam to forgive His sin and maintain the forgiveness.
There was no Cross of Christ in the Garden of Eden, just like there is no Cross of Christ offered in Hell.
However....WE, the born again, HAVE Jesus the Eternal inside us... and this completes and always continues our FORGIVENESS. We exist connected to Jesus and God and the Holy Spirt, by 'UNION" of Spirit and this is EVERLASTING LIFE

= Hallelujah !!

Reader.....When a believer does not understand that the "real you", is not your body or your mind, but the real you is the born again SPIRIT that is Joined to God's Holy Spirit that will get a new body...then this person has not come to the right understanding regarding GOD's perspective of them. They do not yet have God's Eyes. God's viewpoint. God's perspective or the mind of Christ.
They CARNALLY see themselves as a "saved sinner", while God sees them as a born again SPIRIT, who exists in spiritual union with Him, forever.

And Until the born again believer SEES with God's eyes, who they have become as "ONE with God"< (the renewed mind).... they will continue to not understand that the issues that rule the unbeliever, do not govern them. Yet, because they still have the same mind of the unbeliever, "the mind of the flesh".... and not the mind of Christ, not the "renewed mind" they will continue to exist apart from the Power of God's Delivering Grace, or as Christ said..."apart from me, you can do nothing".

End result ??....they will try to be good for the purpose of trying to keep God's acceptance. And that includes confessing sin and worrying about losing salvation and they will believe that when they behave badly that their relationship with God is broken, until they confess whatever they did, to Him.
And the entire time, for the rest of their life, and for all eternity, God is "ONE" with them, and they, you, are "in Christ".... "made Righteous".... eternally redeemed by the Cross of Christ.
See that disconnect between how God sees the born again, and how the believer does not have the same EYES Of understanding?

Reader, being born again is eternal Spiritual Marriage to Jesus. "Bride and Groom".

The "carnal mind" in the born again person.....
Its literally no different then the carnal mind in the unbeliever who BELIEVES...>"if my good is better then my bad... If i do more good then bad, then God will be happy with me".
= Never.
God only accepts the Cross of Christ as the eternal reason He accepts you and keeps you, because He offers nothing else, as nothing else can pay for all your sin.

SALVATiON is not anything you can do.
Christianity is not something you can earn or keep.
REDEMPTION is God making you righteous when you are not, yet, you have become so because Christ's Righteousness has become YOURS. And your sin, all of it, has become WHY God judged Jesus on the Cross to death for you.
Jesus took our sin upon Himself right to the Grave and He left it there, and rose again, without it.
Its Gone, and that means you don't have it any more. Its "crucified with Christ".
The born again are " spiritually risen" "in Christ". This makes us "the righteousness of God = in Christ".
Reader, you can't exit "in Christ" and not be as Righteous as Christ.
You have to SEE that, and get that revelation., as this is your eternal salvation. Its a "gift" from God to all who Believe.

God's redemption,... this "gift of rightousness" is undeserved, and can't be maintained by trying to be good, as it was not given to the born again based on their=your behavior. Its imputed, it's charged to them, its as if they=you did it. The born again have become "the righteousness of God in Christ" because God has given them=you "the Gift of Righteousness".
The day you trusted in Christ, you had lived a life of SIN, you had not been good, and God in that instant put all your sin on Jesus on the Cross and took the Righteousness of Christ and GIFTED it to you. And RIGHT THEN you instantly became "made righteous" as if you always were. And what is more is that this never ends.
And a person says......"But what if im bad later".. And God says, you were bad all your LIFE and i just made you Righteous in the blink of an eye when you BELIEVED........and now you will be kept righteous by the same "GIFT of Righteousness".

= Give God Praise.

This Gift of God = spiritually performs an eternal recreation of a sinner into a Saint. And this is How God views the born again, at all times, forevermore.. = because of this eternal Gift that has been applied to the born again by God. "the GIFT of Salvation". "The GIFT of Righteousness".

Now, This understanding....of Salvation..... once it has become your mind of faith, allows Christ to empower you as this...= "Christ always Gives me the VICTORY", over sin, the flesh, the world, and the devil....Paul teaches.

And until you come to this "renewed mind" that only SEES yourself as God has recreated you to be as a "new creation" "In Christ" then you will worry about sin, and you will have sin consciousness, and you will fail to live holy, as your Mind of FAITH has not yet understood who you have become as "made righteous", = "a new Creation in Christ".
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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola

To have "God's eyes", is to have God's perspective, as your "renewed mind".

To SEE as God SEES, is to have "the mind of Christ", = as your understanding of Faith and Salvation.

If you believe you can lose your Salvation, its because you Do NOT TRUST in CHRIST to keep you saved.

So, What is the worst issue of all with that broken faith?
Its this..
God DOES Believe that Jesus's blood sacrifice keeps you saved, or He would not have sent Him down Here to shed His Blood for you.

See it?

So, when you dont believe what God believes about Jesus The Christ's CROSS, then your FAITH is WRONG....its broken, or it never existed to begin with and you are just water baptized and religious.

Now, get your FAITH right, and then you have the same MIND as God when understanding "THE GIFT OF Salvation" as "The Finished work of Jesus on the Cross" = that is "the GIFT of RIGHTEOUSNESS".

A.) God who SAVED YOU< through the blood and death of Jesus....keeps you saved through the blood and death of Jesus".

Get THAT FAITH, Hebrews 13:9..... and your sinning confessing, then repeat, issue, will fade, and you will find Christ's power to exist here:.

"Christ always GIVES me the VICTORY", over the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Listen, you will never become "as many as be perfect", and "the fullness of the stature of Christ", as Paul teaches you are to become as your Spiritual DISCIPLESHIP, until you get your FAITH right, and keep it right.