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  1. G

    Previous generations, have been summarized by us - we *also* will be summarized, by generations that come after us! (looking?)

    Hi there, So Solomon says at length "as it was, so shall it be" (in Ecclesiastes) and Christ Himself says "this generation shall not pass away, until all these things are fulfilled" (gospels, from memory) - what is it, that happens from generation to generation, if we both come to be and...
  2. L.A.M.B.

    Good Health in God

    I believe as we serve the sovereign God, he will fulfill his promises until us through our faith! 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people,who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin...
  3. L.A.M.B.

    A Bend in the Road..Helen Steiner Rice

  4. KDO

    Defeating The Spirit Of Intimidation

    Bullying, such a disgusting word. Even worse such a sickening action. I speak from experience. I've been bullied almost my whole life. From relatives, classmates, to even my neighbors. You would think the bully would grow up after high school but no, a lot of them are overgrown children in...
  5. G

    Jesus promises those who surrender for the Gospel, will receive a hundredfold *with persecutions* (truly!)

    Hi there, So I am a bekeeper you might say (I keep Jesus' words), and my focus is on the Holy Spirit to come. Something that has dawned on me, in searching the scriptures, is that our suffering on Earth will not be without reward, but that there will also be persecutions. In other words, for...
  6. Behold

    Why These Exist for you.

    Only Because God exists, all these exist : Heaven The World The Universe A Sunset Life Air Light Love Hope Peace Truth Health Healing Beauty Forgiveness Compassion Loyalty Bravery Charity Goodness Kindness Friendship Family Grace Mercy Pardon Wisdom A 2nd Chance The Way Home Salvation Jesus...
  7. B

    Where Do We Go When We Die

    The concept of where we go when we die holds great concern in Christian denominations. Some believe in reincarnation, purgatory and other dogmas, while others believe in immediate judgment after death. This is evident in Hebrews 9:27, which states, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die...
  8. Behold

    How was Paul : the chief of Sinners....the ULTIMATE Sinner?

    Let me show you how to understand and teach others this verse, as this one baffles a lot of believers, who are taught it wrong, and it leads them into a misunderstanding about Paul, and often about "sinning". - PAUL said "" Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners, of whom I am (the)...
  9. Behold

    What is your Christianity?

    What is Christianity? What is it really? Is it taking the sacraments, being sprinkled and confirmed, and dying in a state of grace? No. Is it joining a local church, being water baptized, and tithing every Sunday? No. Is it going to seminary and trying to be like Christ and then going...
  10. Behold

    Help with your prayers.

    - I wanted to give you something to think about, regarding how to get your prayers answered. And im speaking only to the born again. Not to the water baptized and religious. So, first..... understand that the way to get prayers answered, is to not do what keeps them from being answered. Really...
  11. Behold

    Having God's eyes : is the KEY

    = When a person is born again, they enter eternal spiritual union with Christ, and they become dead to the law, for Christ is the end of the law to/for everyone who is born again. Are you born again and not just water baptized and religious? Then im talking to you. The born again become dead...
  12. T

    The Bible - Disciples of Christ version

    Awesome new version of the Bible presenting accurate theology and correcting many mistranslations Enjoy! Website Disciples of Christ
  13. Behold

    Born Again = Not a Sinner

    - Reader.. To understand why a born again person has been made free from sin, is to first understand that "God made Jesus to become Sin" for them. So...You have to understand that this has happened regarding all the Born again. = Jesus BECAME all their Sin. This is why Paul teaches you that...
  14. Behold

    End the "sinning and confessing" : Carnal trap.

    - If you want to stop sinning....... you have to be born again......not just water baptized and religious, wasting time in Church on Sunday. Jesus said : "you must be BORN AGAIN", and "that is by my SPIRIT, sayeth the LORD". Once you are born again, you are to "work out your Salvation". See...
  15. Behold

    More about Real Faith

    - Salvation is not what you do for God, but rather, its what God did for you on The Cross, as a GIFT of Love. And what is that? Its this. You live here, down here, where sinners live, and all around you is a "world system" that is a secularized Christ rejecting, "secular" ideology. God does...
  16. Misty Williams

    The source of our hope in these last days!

    We serve a God who is known as "the God of hope". I don't know about you, but that is comforting to me in these crazy times. Truly, we are in the last days of the last days. This world is absolutely insane! People are going in the complete opposite direction of the Lord. These are dark days and...
  17. MatthewG

    Information on faith, hope, and promises

    Free information for the taking on Faith, hope, and promises
  18. Behold

    What happens to the SINNING : Christian

    - Here is what happens to the Christian who lives in SIN. 1st) your body is "dead because of sin" and your "Old man is crucified with Christ". So, as that is the TRUTH regarding a "new Creation in Christ"...then... what is available for the LAW to condemn, regarding a "sinning Christian"...
  19. Behold

    We have the answer

    - So, today in the gym, this young man, about 27, starts pouring out his heart to me. People are working out around us, and the gym is brightly lit. We didnt notice this much. He was telling me that he's hooked on medical marijuana, and needs it for his anxiety. And in fact the THC in the...
  20. Behold

    No 2nd Chance in Hell.

    - One of the worst heresies that the Devil has people preaching in these end times... is this one.. "you get a 2nd chance in Hell" "hell is only for a short time, and God will get you out". "dont worry about Hell....its not forever....its just a sort of waiting station....a holding tank.....a...