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promoting vision

Discussion in 'Christian Theology Forum' started by chdmission, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. chdmission

    chdmission New Member

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    Nehemiah (comforted of Jehovah )
    The name itself shows that God comforted him in his pathetic situation. Although he was a cup bearer in the King of Persia still the Lord was using him by his integrity and passion of his home town (Jerusalem the capital of Three religions).(Chapter 1)
    When he got the message about wall of Jerusalem was broken heard from the people from exile who came to him, he heart was broken and saddened. And he had fast and prayed with praising and confession his sins and his forefathers sins and petitioning to God who created entire universe including human being by His own image. Regardless he prayed to God bring success of the vision means rebuilding wall in Jerusalem.
    He was a man with vision
    He was a man of Prayer
    He was a man of mission
    He was a man of humility (cub bearer)
    He was a man of patience
    He was a man of sacrifice ( went to his city by taking off from work from King's palace) (2nd chapter)
    He was a man of seeking team work and work of unity (Trinity pattern) 2:17.18
    He was a man of hard worker He was a man of adjustment with other people in order to fulfill the mission ( 52 days he had completed the rebuilding the work with power of unity and adjust-ability)
    He was a man of coordination
    He was a man of comforter and dedication
    In spite of all his enemies troubles to stop the work for rebuilding the wall He gained power and strength through prayer and set up prayer warriors around him amen!!!!!!
    These are qualities made him to promote his vision of broken wall was rebuild from vision to mission amen
  2. Angelina

    Angelina Prayer Warrior Staff Member Admin

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    New Zealand
    I'm reading Nehemiah at the moment. I love that story....it's awesome! :)
  3. Groundzero

    Groundzero Not Afraid To Stand

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    My middle name is Nehemiah. :D