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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So I have come to the point, where I have control of my desire, again. I had a relationship with someone in the world, and was lured to disregard my crown (which the Lord gave me). The person I was with, wanted to make it (the crown) something I did not respect. But I learned through the Holy Spirit, that I could learn to reverence God with my crown, again. The process was as follows.

First, I had to acknowledge that the relationship was sinful. Then I had to turn to the Holy Spirit and say "please break this relationship". Then I had to commit again, to doing what was right, by this person - not just now, but from now to the end (and beyond - let the reader note). That meant being angry I sinned and bitter that the sins that we learnt from it were learnt, with respect to what would happen in the afterlife as a result. Then with a right relationship in mind, one that had been corrected, I needed to put the Devil in his place - making him aware that I was now watching against further relationships of this kind. This lead me to promise.

The promise was that if moved into a different spiritual address and cleaned house, the problems that came with this relationship would be sorted out. I had for many years suffered with sexual addiction, as a result of this relationship and not even staying in tune (physically) with God fixed it. This was fundamentally because I was not wearing my crown as I should. But then I did wear my crown and healing came (just now, the warmth of the power of the Lord's healing was in my head). I am saying this by faith, as it is happening, as I am acknowledging the Lord (His Lordship). The promise that came with a different spiritual address, then was that not only that the problem would stop, but that I would not be tested again - until the Lord called me to Heaven, from there.

I have laid all this out, the way I have, because it reflects the steps I took, to deal specifically with a worldly relationship. I did not confess all manner of sins, as if being in a state of travail was the Lord's will; in like manner I did not rush to say that I would never struggle again, there are persecutions that go with the return of God's blessings to your life. Neither did I propose to corner this person, or make them feel guilty about what they had asked me to do with them - the Lord came to save, not destroy (gospels, from memory). I had to resolve never to do it again, that is true, everything else worked its way out, in me, through that - that I may endure to the end, in the right way. The Holy Spirit warned me that I needed to cover my nakedness, as well. But there was power in wanting to share, the relationship equally and not apportion blame.

Without "blame" there is nothing that the Devil can do. That is where the strength of the resistance of the Devil lies. He flees because he knows he cannot maintain that relationship to the body, nor the relationship of the soul to God. God then, is elevated and established and our conscience is clean before Him, because we have followed His path - as much as we are able. What remains is to thank Him, for the remainder of the relationship that we are in - never knowing if one day we might save this person, as it says in the Bible to stay married (for the same reason). This establishes the heart in the Law and exonerates the Spirit beyond rejection, such that it is elevated. And if we are established and elevated with God, what harm can come to us? Only that the body dies, right?

I guess in all this, what I am saying is that there is a pattern of struggle, that I am going to maintain, to the end of my life. And I am grateful that I have that pattern to follow in, that I have a permanent connection to the Salvation of God through repentance, in the Holy Spirit. I can feed on His flesh and drink His blood and be revived and recovered. This is the power of the Word, that it remains a constant, until all the relationships in our life are right - Lord have mercy. I bless you all and I thank you for your diligence, may you escape the snare of the World as this one had done. God bless your nature.