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Unrighteous made Righteous.

Discussion in 'Christian Spirituality Forum' started by Behold, May 6, 2021.

  1. Behold

    Behold Well-Known Member

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    "under the law" : shows you that you are a sinner, with no Righteousness.

    "Under Grace" : provides you with God's Righteousness as..>"The Gift of Righteousness".

    Reader.....Here is the paradox. Here is the "head rush" and the theological melt down that most Christians have.., and never get passed it.
    Its this..

    "if im sinning and confessing, then how can i be RIGHTEOUS".

    So, thats very interesting, isn't it?
    And if you look at it using the "natural mind" that does not receive or understand the things of God.... because they are "Spiritually Discerned", then how can you ever find peace when you think ...> "how can i be righteous, when i sin and confess". "How can i be righteous, when i have thoughts that would make a Pope blush".......

    Now, im not going to teach it here, because i have written many Threads about this already, but.....>"where there is no Law, there is no Sin.....no transgression".
    The Born again have been delivered from the Law.
    So, this is why Paul says of your carnal deeds that they are "works of the flesh".


    How to get out of that mind that can't understand how you can not always be perfect, but yet in God's eyes, you are always perfectly righteous?
    How to get out of that wrong thinking, and into the RIGHT MIND?
    And until a born again person gets out of that carnal (natural) mind, they can't get into the right mind, and they can't believe right.

    So, you have to start here. Hebrews 13:9
    You have to establish yourself, your thinking, your believing = in God's Grace.
    You have to come to SEE yourself as always in God's Grace.. Always Redeemed. Always made sinless. Always made righteous. Always at peace with God..... And why? Because that mind is the same Mind that God has when He looks at His Born again.
    So, if you dont't have that mind, you have the wrong mind.

    Listen Saint.
    God does not see what you do, as you see yourself.. He only sees what Christ has accomplished for you, that has MADE YOU RIGHTEOUS, if you are born again.
    So, you have to bring your mind and your faith, into this Right Believing, and once you do, and you have this revelation, you are finally where God established you to be with the Blood of Jesus, all along. = RENEWED MIND.

    Look at this NT verse.

    "As Jesus IS....so are the Born again, in this World".

    Thats a fact. And it does not change because you have a mood swing, or a tantrum, or for any reason.
    Listen, your emotions and your deeds do not effect your standing "IN CHRIST",
    Not ever.
    You can't stop being born again.
    Its done.

    If you are born again.....You are a NEW CREATION "in Christ". And that is always and only how you are to SEE YOURSELF, as that is always How GOD sees you, at all times, and forever.
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  2. Riverwalker

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    United States
    Amen and well said

    Although I do believe in my life time, I may have caused a tear to drop from the eye of God a time or two. But I agree his purpose is not to Judge us (though he will if we insist) He has put all his efforts into SAVING Us