You may preach Grace, but Greater Grace is about Greatest Inspiration (can you lead?)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So this is something that has been bubbling up in me for some time: the idea that Salvation is not of works, because it is of Grace, is well understood. What is happening though, is that that understanding can lead to choking the inspiration that is trying to ignite under the blaze of that Grace. What is needed is perspective! So, what I want to say here is: Greater Grace, can lead to Greatest Inspiration. Now, let's be clear, I am not doing away with the Law, I am not overturning praise, and I am not enslaving to works. What I am doing is setting out, an open door, which is open to Inspiration growing.

How does inspiration grow? The seed has to die, that is the principle of the thing; the germ of that death, is the start of your salvation and you are only aware that it is there, by faith. That is the beginning. But where did the seed land? If you have faith in the Sower, you will understand that there are many places it could land. Some inspiration is immediate, because it has good soil; other inspiration takes time, because it is near good soil, but not as good. The point is, don't let go of the faith - start to focus on growing into what the seed was meant to be.

What was the seed meant to be? Fully grown! That means flourishing with seeds of your own, for the most part. Doing this well, takes more faith. How do you get more faith? More Grace! As Jesus said "Greater works that these you will do, because I go to My Father" (John, from memory) - God and Jesus together have an amplifying effect. That means Greater Grace. Greater Grace means Greatest Inspiration. Dwelling at a point where your inspiration cannot be greater, is an awesome, charging, devil defying feeling - it is a state in which all scripture has Divine value and all interpretation illuminates from infinite angles. It is a state of perfect being. You may be tempted to redraw what God has given you, to get a greater, but even before you finish, you will realise that you already have as great as it can be. That's satisfaction, irreplaceable satisfaction!

You still have to face one day at a time, but you will have the quiet confidence that you need, that you have reach the pinnacle, the utmost that you can be inspired. That being the case, it's time to lead! Can you learn to abide in God? Can you learn to find His scripture behind what He has Created? Can you follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to where your Cross is most? What does the Holy Spirit, want to reveal (essentially)? These questions have answers, that you are able to work out with God. Anyone who tells you "no, the greatest is this way" or "don't wait, the greatest is that way" will prove themselves a liar. Jesus warned about that Himself (gospels). The power comes from starting to move with that Inspiration, to consistently let that satisfaction be the satisfaction you wanted - to say "Yes, God! That is the inspiration I was looking for" That will mean power.

I'm not trying to give you a carrot on a stick, I'm saying "what we tasted before, is even greater than the Devil was expecting, come let us defeat him and venerate our God, that our souls may rest, our spirit soar and our being have its perfect being in the Son" the Holy Spirit is behind this (ask Him!)

I hope this has been of some encouragement, to you.

God bless.