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1st The Law

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by Behold, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. Behold

    Behold Well-Known Member

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    Did you ever wonder why God gave the LAW first, and much later Jesus was given as God's Grace?

    Its because the Law is necessary to be in place to REVEAL us, as we are, in relation to God.
    This is the actual purpose of the Law, the specific purpose.
    The general purpose of the law and commandments, is to give you a moral boundary that defines...>Dont go past this morality line, as if you do, suffering will follow you like night follows day.

    However, the SPECIFIC reason the law is given is to show YOU that YOU are a sinner, and need help.
    So, the Law DEFINES you, and it JUDGED you, and based on the Law's findings, you are hell bound and lost....=a sinner.

    God came here as Christ on The Cross to change you from that situation into a "new Creation".

    See that?
    And had there been no law you would not understand what you are, and its from this understanding that the LAW Reveals, that we REALIZE our lost situation....that we are fallen, sinners, and damned. John 3:36

    So what then?

    = Enter God's GRACE.
    And God's Grace says...>come unto me, and i'll make you RIGHTEOUS.<. come unto me and i'll make you clean and give you eternal life.......come unto JESUS and BELIEVE and i'll make you MINE.

    Reader......Are you His?
    Do you belong to God?
    You absolutely do, and remain God's, if you are born again.
    You are His eternal FAMILY.

    If you are not, then you are LOST, and if you die this way, you will never have a chance to belong to God, and He will get rid of you.
    This is Hell.

    Jesus came to save you from your sin and from the eternally damned destination that is waiting for all who have never trusted in Christ.
    If that is you, then trust Him today. Take Jesus into your heart today. Believe in Jesus today, now..... and settle your eternity and your peace of mind so that once you are gone from this world you will be found with God and HIS born again Family.
  2. Wrangler

    Wrangler Well-Known Member

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    United States
    Without the law, people’s ego would conclude they don’t need Jesus.

    One of my favorite verses is the CEV translation of Psalm 82:1
    When all of the other gods
    have come together,
    the LORD God judges

    A major theme in the Bible is people thinking themselves a god, not beholden to the Creator.
  3. robert derrick

    robert derrick Well-Known Member

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    United States
    The law is good. I.e. We know what is good, by knowing first what is not good. The problem is trying to live by the law. We should rather live by faith, seeking to do good, rather than just avoiding doing evil. God says do good. Satan says do no harm. So the law is written to define transgressions, but Jesus Christ comes to lead us into righteousness.