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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola

1.) "Where there is no Law, there is no (sin) Transgression".

This means... that The Born again are : "Not under the Law, but under Grace".

All the born again are "made free from sin", having become "one with God" "In Christ".

2.) Why does this idea that a Believer has no sin, confuse so many Christians..?

Its because .. while they have Trusted in Christ, and are Redeemed by God because = "Their Faith is counted by God as (Christ's) Righteousness"... they dont fully understand what this means....


3.) "God hath made JESUS to be SIN for us, so that we might become the Righteousness of GOD,,, In Him".

So, when you Trusted in Jesus, by Faith, .. God took your faith and accepted it... = to then give you "Christ's Righteousness" as "The GIFT of Righteousness".

4.) This is the {----Divine Exchange-----}, whereby Jesus became ALL your lifetime of sin, and God "imputed Christ's RIGHTEOUSNESS" to you, forever.

What does that actually mean ?? as its some serious "christianese"...

5.) It means that the very Life that Christ lived under the Law, that was holy, sinless, and perfectly obedient,... is given to you, (The Gift of Salvation).... as if you did it, as if you lived it..... And your sinful life, becomes "God hath made Jesus to be SIN for Us"....
See that?
That is the .. .- Divine Exchange" or .. "The Great Exchange" as some would explain it, also., and its Certainly GREAT and Divine.

That's your SALVATiON. Thats your REDEMPTION.... And that is what it means to be "IN CHRIST" and "Christ in YOU"..."Having Eternal Life".

Listen to the words of this Song by Sarah, as She's explaining beautifully, the Great/Divine Exchange, in words and music.
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May 20, 2024
Balsall Heath
United Kingdom
I believe in what Jesus said. That if He didnt come into the world there would be no excuse for sin. John chapter 15 verse 22. That means Jesus is technically calling Himself the law of Moses.