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  1. Behold

    SAVED : without Water

    Yes, without water. Like this.. "Abraham BELIEVED GOD, and it "IT", (his Faith)., was credited to Him as Righteousness". See that? We give, Faith in CHRIST....., and God responds with "the gift of Salvation". No water pours out of Heaven. Notice? He's not in the fish tank. Jesus is the...
  2. KDO

    Timeless Prayer

    I shake my head when I read the forums of people who are losing faith in God due to the hardships of life. I urge you do not give up because God is there, do not let the devil make you believe your current circumstances is the way your life will end. I have attached a prayer below from Prophet...
  3. KDO

    Defeating The Spirit Of Intimidation

    Bullying, such a disgusting word. Even worse such a sickening action. I speak from experience. I've been bullied almost my whole life. From relatives, classmates, to even my neighbors. You would think the bully would grow up after high school but no, a lot of them are overgrown children in...
  4. KDO

    To Be More Than A Conqueror

    Depression..., Ever since the fall of man through sin, the human race has been afflicted with all sorts of diseases most especially that of the mind. Oftentimes we wonder why would a believer commit suicide, become depressed, become anxious, etc. It's very easy to judge people on the outside...
  5. L.A.M.B.

    The Gift of Salvation

    John 3:16 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Many many people know the quote of this verse all over the world, but it takes an individual personal relationship with God to truly know...
  6. Rapture and End Times

    Rapture 2023? Don’t be Left Behind on the Late Great Planet Earth (or Worse)

    All indications are that we are approaching the final countdown. Whether you believe that or not, the real death rate is one per person, meaning that each person’s death is a matter of when, not if. What is our ultimate fate? Rapture 2023? Don’t be Left Behind on the Late Great Planet Earth (or...
  7. Behold

    What is "Self Righteousness". ?????

    Reader, What is self Righteousness? What is it exactly? Self righteousness = is trying to >make yourself right with God<, by works, deeds, self effort, lifestyle. That is "Legalism", and God abhors it. He hates it. It offends Him. It offends the Cross of Christ. Now, here is how to get...
  8. Rapture and End Times

    Previews of the Rapture Throughout the Bible

    While the rapture is not mentioned explicitly in the Bible, there are several passages that provide a preview of this event. In this message, we explore clues to our "blessed hope." Previews of the Rapture Throughout the Bible
  9. Rapture and End Times

    Passover 2023: the Fourth Cup and our Exodus

    Passover commemorates the Exodus from Egypt. God, “passed over” the houses of the Israelites. The celebration climaxed with drinking the fourth cup of wine. But Jesus drank the cup of the wine of wrath. This act makes us His body, His bride. Passover 2023: the Fourth Cup and our Exodus
  10. M

    Pray for Amanda Bynes

    pray for her salvation and healing
  11. M

    Pray for Noah

    I just want to lift up Noah and pray that the Lord would open his eyes and soften his heart so that he might repent and be saved. That the Lord would raise up witnesses to share the Gospel with him. I never realized how depraved he is but he’s straight up evil.
  12. Behold

    Sunday School # 4

    - What does it mean to be : Born Again There are a some of you here who understand the Principles of God's "Grace through Faith" and you will need a quick, clear, teaching on this Topic, as you will be dealing with people, new coverts, your converts, babes in Christ, heretics, ....and you need...
  13. Behold

    How was Paul : the chief of Sinners....the ULTIMATE Sinner?

    Let me show you how to understand and teach others this verse, as this one baffles a lot of believers, who are taught it wrong, and it leads them into a misunderstanding about Paul, and often about "sinning". - PAUL said "" Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners, of whom I am (the)...
  14. G

    The world is trapped in its iniquity, not willing to accept that the Lord was bruised for them (selah)

    Hi there! So there is a strong need, at the moment, for the world to hear the bruising, that the Lord suffered, for their iniquity. Iniquity traps the world, such that it does not think there is a way out. There is a way out: Jesus, who was bruised for our iniquities (Isaiah 53:5). What we...
  15. RLT63

    Denominations that teach only they will be saved
  16. Rapture and End Times

    Rapture 2023: On the Third Day

    The number 3 appears throughout the Holy Bible. Christ was raised on the third day. In the Old Testament we find a pattern of God doing big things on the third day. Soon the “third day” is coming for us all. Rapture 2023: On the Third Day
  17. Rapture and End Times

    Turning Points 2023: Right and Left Behind

    The news is full of dramatic changes in fortune for the better. Throughout history, there were many turning points that seemed impossible. The conversion from Saul to Paul was the turning point that extended the Good News invitation to all the world. Turning Points 2023: Right and Left Behind
  18. G

    Pray for the elect, the fold of Israel and the faith throughout the Earth (peace)

    Hi there, So there are three things we need to pray for, as we head into the tribulation: the elect (both in Heaven and in Hell), the fold of Israel (particularly "word" for Israel) and faith throughout the Earth (that the world might be saved). The Lord is coming quickly, we must be ready. If...
  19. Rapture and End Times

    The Race to the End

    As we rush headlong toward the end of the End Times, there are habits we can incorporate to insure that we are “Rapture ready.” If you knew the Rapture would happen next week, what would you do differently now? The Race to the End
  20. M

    Pray for Anthony

    Pray for my nephew Anthony. My sister and her husband have screwed things up for him so much. He has court this week because of his tickets that they didn't pay. I'm hurt and disappointed in them. They've always neglected him and put his brother over him