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cheap food item for preppers and all

Discussion in 'Christian Finance Forum' started by Eric E Stahl, Feb 6, 2014.


    RANDOR Fishin Everyday

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    pREPARE NOW!!!
  2. Tex

    Tex New Member

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    Alright, if we ignore the awful, useless, apocalypse stories...

    I live right now on $500 a month. Honestly, that's all I make. My rent is $300 a month, and I use a lot of gas, so that's another $100. In one month, I spend only about $100 on food, girlfriend, and other random things. And here's how I still live:

    Eggs. They're like $2.00 for twelve. I eat six every morning. My breakfast costs me a dollar and I'm REALLY full afterward. I can get away with all the fat and cholesteral because I'm 22, but if you're older you might wanna take out the yokes. That's still a lot of food.

    Lunch is genreally some sort of speghitti. Ground beef is usually cheap, noodles are always cheap. This time I threw in some spicy cheesy stuff and stired it all together. Cost a little, but when it lasts me forever, who's going to complain? Not me, thats for sure.

    And dinner I grab Tyson's canned chicken (about 3.50) and tabasco sauce. Ya, there's nothing but protein and it doesn't taste that great, but its actually amazingly healthy. You don't want carbs or fat in your stomache when you go to bed because it just turns into fat as you sleep. Chicken has nearly no fat, nearly no carbs, and will fill you up long enough to wait for 6 eggs in the morning!

    If you can't cook, learn. It's cheap. And Jack in the Box is not sufficient enough.

    RANDOR Fishin Everyday

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    Get food now
  4. sojourner4Christ

    sojourner4Christ sojourning non-citizen

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    Interesting reaction to the situation.

    And a Faraday cage might sound like a silly idea to most, but it's certainly not silly for those who have been directed by the Lord to move in that direction!

    This is Godly advice. How many here have prayed about what the Lord would have them to do?

    It is encouraging to see that some are aware of the writing on the wall.

    I wouldn't call it "the great tribulation," but I would call it consequences. God's judgment is destined to fall on a nation that has rejected the rule of God Almighty.

    I am what many would call a prepper. And I will tell you why.

    I came to the Lord in November 1996, the same night a devil attempted to trick me into committing suicide. Later that night, after I cried out to Jesus Christ to help me, the King himself appeared to me.

    One day, perhaps, I shall give the details of that encounter as a testimony in one of these forums.

    I since asked the Lord why the majority will perish. I asked him how Satan does it -- how does Satan deceive so many into following the broad path to destruction. And the Lord began to show me the scams, the deceptions, of the enemy via his minions. And he continues to show me to this day.

    USA is going down the tubes -- by design. The big pig in the pen must be knocked down, to serve as an example to the rest of the world, so that the merchants, the rich men of the earth, the bankers, can administer a global marketplace -- a new world order.

    America is going to continue to rot from within (and without). Pretext to pretext, they will move USA inexorably toward their planned takedown and takeover.

    The Lord has shown me on three separate occasions that he will be providing for me supernaturally. This is in contrast to a woman friend of my wife who has been told by the Lord that she will be killed for her faith! Just two nights ago, I was told that I would be imprisoned falsely (over an issue of money?), and that I would eventually be released and then completely exonerated of any wrongdoing. I don't know the length of time of my incarceration or any other details.

    As you may know, I sojourn with my family from place to place, at the Lord's direction. In my previous place of housekeeping, I placed many items in the ground at many locations. Then the Lord put me and my family on an international flight (and we had no paperwork!) to another country. I suspect that what is cached in the ground back there was never intended for me but for someone else...

    The Lord has shown me many things concerning the future events that will unfold in USA. And now he's shown me a few here at my new place of housekeeping.

    There is no escaping. There will be no profit in the burying of the head in the sand. But I do find it interesting in the book of Rev that fleeing into the wilderness is indicated as a viable option. And I am very much at home in the outdoors, and my family is becoming more keen on it, also.

    If you're not prepared to survive a major "disruption," then you are not practicing proper stewardship over the flesh that the Lord has given you.

    I am but a nic on a 'puter screen. I have nothing personal to gain here, and you can simply ignore this. I have shared just a bit of what I know is at the door. There is no fear in the Lord. So ask the Lord what he would have you to do; but do not hesitate; do it now.
  5. Madad21

    Madad21 Boast in Christ

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    Im curious if the first statement is your attitude, then what is going to be your attitude when all these people who you say are foolish and entitled to perish are the ones your having to help?
  6. evan

    evan New Member

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    Is this for real ? Pretty impressive, you must have a very understanding girlfriend....

  7. Beloved212

    Beloved212 New Member

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    Lots of tips here. Thank you.