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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
Let me show you where your discipleship is supposed to ARRIVE.

Paul Teaching..

1.) "As many as be perfect"...(in UNDERSTANDING) See that? That is the arrival place.

2.)"the fullness of the stature of Christ"..... See that, that is the arrival place.

3.) "Having the same mind"....... = arrival place

4.) "Christ always gives me the VICTORY".....= arrival place.

See those 4?
Those are where we are to MATURE INTO, regarding our Discipleship.
Now, that is not your SALVATiON....as your Salvation is Christ on the Cross, 2000 ago....dying for all you sin.
And when you trust in Christ....GOD imparts<>imputes, unto you, what Christ has FINISHED, on the Cross.....2000 yrs ago.
And what is that...?

1.) The GIFT of Salvation
2.) The Gift of Righteousness.

See those 2?
You have those if you are born again, and that does not mean water baptized...it means BORN AGAIN, Spiritually.
So, if you are born again, you have those 2 Gifts. You Have Salvation and you HAVE God's Righteousness that is to be "In Christ"

From there, now having SALVATION, you are to become those 1st 4 in the list.

How? = By working out your Salvation that you HAVE been GIVEN as a GIFT.

How do you work it out? Well, not by works.
Always understand that Salvation is CHRIST on the Cross, and Discipleship is your exiting in that Salvation .= "IN CHRIST"...> Learning how.
See, Salvation is SPIRITUAL and has to do with the Born again SPIRIT.....so, to work out your Salvation is first.... to understand that the "new creation in Christ" is not your body or your mind.. .Its your SPIRIT that is Born again.. As that is the SON/Daughter of God.

So, you have to understand that, perfectly, asap, as that is the first step towards, perfecting your Discipleship......

Your discipleship is perfected by you perfectly understanding who you have become as a "new creation IN Christ". as that is to have the "renewed mind".
95% of Christians never understand this, and die trying to be good, instead of allowing the understanding of God's Grace to empower them to exist right here... = "Christ always Gives me the VICTORY"... over the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Most Christians are trying by self effort to do what only Christ in you can do, through you.
And when you live in that wrong mind of faith...Christ says..."apart from me, you can do NOTHING".

Notice this verse... Hebrews 13:9.... Its says you have to establish your HEART with Grace.
This means you have to understand who you have become as a new creation as Christ, which is the born again SPIRIT.
Then you have to settle it in your heart that God's GRACE, this gift of Salvation, is all that God offers you to get you into heaven.
You have to discipline your mind and thinking, so that you never lose that REAL FAITH, and become a person with broken faith who BELIEVES that you have to do things to go to heaven, VS, only BELIEVING that God's Grace, (Christ on the Cross). is why you are saved and stay saved.

So, work on that in your understanding, and you'll begin find yourself beyond the "trying to be good", mind, as that mind is not how you grow in Grace.
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