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Helen, you made me think of this.

Discussion in 'Christian Spirituality Forum' started by Willie T, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. Willie T

    Willie T Heaven Sent Staff Member

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    United States
    More Loving In My Heart by Dr. Howard Thurman
    I want to be more loving in my heart. I want to be more loving.

    Often there are good and sufficient reasons for exercising what seems a clean, direct resentment. Again and again I find it hard to hold in check the sharp retort, the biting comeback when it seems that someone has done violence to my self respect and decent regard. How natural it seems to give as good as I get, to take nothing lying down, to announce to all and sundry in a thousand ways that no one can run over me and get away with it.

    All this is part of the thicket in which my heart gets caught again and again. Deep within me, I want to be more loving in my heart. To glow with a warmth that will take the chill off a room which I share with those whose lives touch mine in the traffic of my goings and comings. I want to be more loving.

    I want to be more loving in my heart. It is often easy to have the idea in mind, to plan to be more loving, to see it with the mind and give ascent to the thought of being loving. This is crystal clear. But I want to be more loving in my heart. I must feel like loving. I must ease the tension in my heart that ejects the sharp barb, the stinging word.

    I want to be more loving in my heart, that with unconscious awareness and deliberate intent I shall be a kind, a gracious human being. Thus those who walk the path with me may find it easier to be loving, to be gracious because of the love of God which is increasingly expressed in my living. I want to be more loving in my heart.

    By Howard Thurman (from The Inward Journey)
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  2. Helen

    Helen Well-Known Member

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    Wow...pass the tissues, sniff.
    That was lovely @Willie T We need it more and more until it is second nature to us.

    I used to have "The Inward Journey"... So many of our books had to be left back in England.
    My daughter here has a copy, I must borrow it and re-read it again.

    Great post, thank you for that bro.
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