Just repeat, the faith! (you don't need to reinvent the wheel?)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So I have worked out that: I believe what you do! There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Jesus died once for all, and rose from the dead. The Grace of God abounds in the acceptance within, of what Christ did on the cross. There is no need for a new faith. There is no need for a new faith, we are dead to ourselves. What the scripture says is true! We are dead to ourselves, but alive in our spirit. This is the power of God from generation to generation, that His Grace come alive in us, just as it came alive in Jesus, when He died on the Cross. Spirits may change, words may change, messengers and chosen ones may change, but we already have the secret to it all: Jesus.

There is power in being of one mind, different interpretations, but the one mind. We get that mind by confessing we can't do it ourselves. We confess it by coming together in Jesus' Name. We strengthen Jesus' Name by doing His good works. None of it has to change. We may change it if we like, but the more we think it is our doing or what we do on our own, the weaker our faith becomes. The Holy Spirit was able to do it, for the Apostles - how much more greatly will He do it for us?! We need to thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit, as the believers were grateful to receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. This is our calling, that we put away the flesh as our fathers did, and give God the praise as our fathers did. The more we are of one mind, the more powerful it is.

There is nothing that Jesus says to us "you must no longer think of this" nor "you must change such and such into something it was not" these things are an anti-christ. No, rather we must seek to make our faith like that of others. Not that is to say to "copy" someone else's faith, but to be confident that as they imitate the Lord we also imitate them. There is power in this, because God created us with room to make one interpretation of the word, that when we speak we speak in a way that each of us understand. If each of us understand each other, how much more will we understand the Holy Spirit? This is what John is talking about in the letters, when he says "I do not preach a new commandment but an old one". The Jesus that came to us, was the Christ of old.

If we are marked by faith, if there is any good in us, if there is something set out for us to do, it is from Jesus and the way of it (is) Christ. This will never change, it will only get more and more distorted, until we reach a point where the Holy Spirit reminds us "this is the way those before you went, this is the strength Christ worked in righteousness, this point is the point on which the Devil failed when he attempted to judge those he should not" If then we have become victors like those who became victors before us how great is that victory? There is no way to mask this, it is the truth; there is no way to distract from this, it is of God; there is nothing else a following in this needs to be, it is enough. If we need an answer to this, it is the answer that the Holy Spirit already gave; if we need a direction in this, it is the direction the Lord already set out. The flesh is overcome in this, we must remember that.

I hope this has been of some encouragement to you.

God bless.
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