Physical addiction: two metaphors about proper physical conduct (as concerns desire).

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there!

So after a little discussion with the staff at this site, it has been decided that if I can keep the dialogue clean, instruction in self-care (physically) is permissible.

Now I can't tell you in detail, how it is that you should care for yourself, but I can point out wisdom, that will determine whether you do it properly or not.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal these couple of metaphors to your understanding:
You don't need to break the strings, to tune your guitar (selah)
The second is the same thing, from a different context:
You don't need to uproot the tree, to prune the dead branches (selah)
Just ask the Holy Spirit, what they mean.

If what you do, when you are caring for yourself, is not excessive desire - breaking strings, uprooting the plant - then you will keep your cleanliness.

You can message me if you want a better explanation than that - but in principle the Holy Spirit should be able to reveal to you, when you are agreeing with this Wisdom, and when not.

There's no real metaphor for the manner in which you should care for yourself and I am limited in what I can share - so I will leave it there.