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Reggie Belafonte

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Mar 16, 2018
All the born again "abide in Christ", as that is what it means to be born again.
The born again EXIST as "one with GOD"..."IN Christ"......as this is where ALL the born again ABIDE.

If you are not born again you do not ABIDE IN CHRIST, and you are hell bound. John 3:36

Being water baptized and trying to "be like Christ" is NOT how you "abide" IN Christ.
Hey how did you know that !


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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
Hey how did you know that !


one of the ways that you learn what is TRUE, is by elimination of what isn't.

Where did i learn that?
I learned that from the Spirit of God, when i was studying the Word, early one Summer morning while sitting on a porch swing, in 1991, and i asked God.....''how do you know who to trust, when all teachers and preachers don't agree".

He said to me...... "learn what isn't TRUE, and what is left Standing is the Truth."

So, i had to study and find out what is not true, related to only one thing.
The GRACE of God. And when i truly learned to BELIEVE, by REAL FAITH that this is given as a GIFT.....= Then all the FALSE denominations and all the fake Christians, stood apart from that Truth, and i could then easily discern the heretics from the "made Righteous", when they tried to TEACH or Preach.

For example... you can't work your way into heaven.
You have you have a Savior who has died for you, instead, to make it possible for you to go.

What does that tell you?
It shows you that any theology that teaches that you are to work you way into heaven isnt true ,and so, what is left, is the TRUTH. = John 14:6

SEE.. you can't become a part of Christ, or a Son of God, by trying to do it.
This means that WORKS, Commandments, Law, and self effort, and water baptism, are eliminated.
What is left?
FAITH that is Accepted by God., just like He told you.

"justified BY Faith", and Not by works., as Salvation is THE GIFT of God.

Now, what is...."Abiding"... IN Christ...

Its to be IN Him... Not next door.. .But literally INSIDE HIM.........and that means = Spiritually.
So, you can't get THERE by commandment keeping or trying to be like Christ.
So, what is left?
= The TRUTH.
You have to be born again Spiritually to EXIST IN CHRIST, as that as How you Abide, IN Christ.

See it?
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