The Holy Spirit can cover you, extend your righteousness, limit judgment of you.

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there!

So I have been growing in faith, as I continue to commit to the good life, for God's sake and I have learnt to interpret the work of the Holy Spirit as strength, understanding and meaning (all of which I want to share). The lessons I have learned are very important, because they add to the growth a believer is able to experience, while agreeing with the Holy Spirit. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would teach us about "sin, righteousness and judgment" (John 15ish) and it is actually possible to name things that the Holy Spirit does, that agrees with these things. First is Sin.

Sin is a terrible thing, because it separates us from God, but also because it keeps getting in the way of coming back to God. Sometimes we repent of our sin but our soul cannot live again before God, because the evil spirit in which we sinned still has control - of our bodies, but also our memories and lastly our word. The Holy Spirit has an answer for this! If you have faith, you can ask the Holy Spirit to cover the sin, which you committed and by faith, the Holy Spirit will intercede, first that you not exercise the sin, but also that you not call it to mind, and finally that you not look for other sins like it. This has a tremendous effect on your person, because it is no longer possible for the sin to hold you back, from the life that you have by faith in Christ. Second is Righteousness.

Righteousness is something that the believer establishes, once they have grown in faith. It is by choice and it is an exercise of strength (that is pure). However, the manner in which we make righteous choices can be limited by the context in which we make our choices. The Bible teaches in Revelation, that the Devil is overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony - and importantly, that we love not our lives to the death: this is the exercise of faith that wrenches us free from the Kingdom of Darkness. But the Holy Spirit takes this further: we are actually able to be "sickened" by sin, such that we no longer have a taste for it (and one would presume we are able to sicken others, that they be saved). Again the Holy Spirit can take righteousness further, by making us angry that we have sinned the way that we have, that is that we strengthen our souls to avoid that sin and press on with the righteousness that we had before we were drawn aside by the temptation of that sin. And again, the Holy Spirit is able to take righteousness further, by making us bitter, that others learned from our sin, the things which they did, to the degree that we no longer entertain learning from that sin again. Third is Judgment.

Judgment finally, is something the Holy Spirit has the capacity to grasp is exclusive to the Devil. Judgment comes about because the sinner isolates themself in the Devil, commits sin and destroys the soul (that the evidence be destroyed). By supervening beyond Judgment, the Holy Spirit is able to plunder the things of the Devil, and lump them together, to be destroyed, in the fire prepared for the Devil and his angels. Whereas Christ had the Cross, with which to destroy the motive for sin, the Holy Spirit has something greater: the capacity to rob the Devil of his reckoning with righteousness, on the basis of his reputation for threating the foundation of faith in God. This is still a mystery, but it will be revealed in due time, that someone like the anti-Christ who rests on the power of the Devil, is still no match for the power of the Holy Spirit. The time will come in which it will be ordinary for the average person to say "sin? that's never going to work [not ultimately]". Of course, the restrainer will be taken out of the way, at this point, but the fear of judgment will be next to nothing. You may even suppose that it will be replaced by an even greater mystery: why men were ever enticed with such sin, in the first place! This concludes the power of the Holy Spirit, to come along side and support the sinner, to help him find salvation, yes, but also to grow in redemption (twice over!).

I hope this has been educative, the Holy Spirit will certainly commune with you in such things and greater, as the time is appropriate. I just pray the faith can unite in this while the Kingdom of God is at hand.

God bless.
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