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What's The Difference Between A Pastor, Evangelist, and Minister per God's Word?

Discussion in 'Christian Debate Forum' started by veteran, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. veteran

    veteran New Member

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    We hear preachers called pastors, evangelists, and ministers all the time, those titles often used interchangeably. What are those offices per God's Word? what's their differences if any?
  2. rjp34652@yahoo.com

    [email protected] Choir Loft

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    Good question. According to many preachers we are all priests under the order of Melchezidik. Bu this they mean we are all part evangelists, which is untrue in my experience and observation. There are some very specific differences in these tasks for Christ and people who are 'fitted out' so to speak with the talents to carry them out.

    To some have been given the gift of music, learning, ability to nurture children, organization and administration of the church infrastructure and so on. Not all are evangelists nor are all faith healers.

    Pastors are generally called to care and guide the flock. A lost art these days.
    Evangelists are generally called to enlarge the numbers of the church by means of a call to Christ.
    Ministers are a general category of the aforementioned specialties of music, administration, teaching, etc.

    There is also the apostolic ministry which is the establishment of new churches and is a mixture of all or many of the other gifts.

    There are specific differences in the lives of those who are called to a religious vocation, but in many cases the lines between them blur a little.
  3. veteran

    veteran New Member

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    Yep! Lot of blurs between them.

    The pastor role is about tending the flock, about feeding the sheep, grazing them. Pretty important, because our Lord Jesus asked Peter 3 times if he loved Him, and each time told him to feed His sheep.

    Jer 3:15
    15 And I will give you pastors according to Mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.
    Because of so many divisions within Christ's Body today, small Churches often don't have one in the 'pastor' duty, usually a called evangelist fulfilling that instead a little. I feel that's one of the reasons why so many are lacking a complete Bible study.

    Some of the larger Churches near me have a separate pastor, evangelist, and several ministers (like you said). Some in the congregation get upset because the pastor doesn't go around visiting like a minister. That pastor is a Hebrew and Greek scholar, not really his called duty to be a minister, nor an evangelist that is called mainly to preach The Gospel.

    I think WE ALL should be able to preach The Gospel of Jesus Christ as a minimum.