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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
The verse partially says.......

"work out your Salvation".

It does not say...."try not to lose it".
It does not say..... "work out your discipleship".

So, what does the verse mean?
How do you "work it out"?


This is a Very important question.

First, understand.... that this verse is not teaching that you can lose your salvation, and you have to work it out to try to keep from losing it.
Its not that.
And you know that the verse does not say...>"work our your discipleship".
So, This means that you are to work out your Salvation....as that is what the verse says.... and so how do you do that?

1.) First, you have to understand that you HAVE IT.
You have it.. You have Salvation.
How do you know? = You are born again., as that is the ONLY PROOF that you have Salvation, and if you are not born again, you can't work out what you don't have., as you don't have it yet.
And you DON'T receive Salvation by being water baptized, as that just gets your body wet.
Salvation is not about getting wet....its about becoming a : "new Creation IN CHRIST">
And to be IN THERE........"IN"..."Christ",........ you have to be born again to get IN THERE..
See it?

Being born again, is a Spiritual BIRTH, whereby...God causes you to BECOME a "SON/Daughter" of God.
God births your spirit into HIS Spirit, through the Holy Spirit.
= You become BORN.....AGAIN.....Spiritually, and now exist... "IN">.. Christ........"ONE with God".
= This is what it means to become a : "new Creation"....a CHRISTian.

2.) Now. Do you see all that?
Do you see how your BODY and your MIND< is not your SPIRIT? And its only your SPIRIT That is Born again = INTO The Spirit of God, BY the Holy Spirit?
See that?
= Salvation is becoming THAT "New Creation".
= Being Born again, is to have become the "new Creation" "in Christ".
And if you are born again, then THAT which is born again, your Spirit, is the REAL YOU.
Not your body, or your mind.

Its not your body, and it's not your MIND that is born again......Its your SPIRIT.

And where does it now and forever exist : as BORN AGAIN?
It exists as "ONE with God". "seated IN Heavenly Places". 'IN, Christ"
This is : "Spiritual UNION" with God and Christ...... This is to have become "made Righteous"..=as Born.... AGAIN.
This is to have received SALVATION, that is a "GIFT"
The "GIFT OF SALVATION"= you have it if you are born again because God gave it to you BECAUSE you BELIEVED IN JESUS.
You gave God your faith in Christ and God gave you Salvation Through Christ.
Isnt that Amazing?
Thats the GRACE of God.

3.) Now, do you see how you are understanding what it means to have BECOME a CHRISTian?
Can you SEE what im showing you?
If you can see it, then you are "working out your Salvation"... as to work it out is to understand (discern) how to exist within what you have been given by God, regarding gaining the right understanding of : "the GIFT of Salvation".

Now, when you have a good grasp on that LIGHT, you can TEACH IT. And then you have helped a class, or a person, or your mother, understand how to work out their Salvation.
That's "ministry", and its a very good one.
Few can teach it, because Few understand it.
Now you are getting there....

See, you thought to '"work out your salvation".... was to try to be good, or to try to be like Christ... or to try to keep from losing it.
That is not how you work out your Salvation....
You work out your Salvation, that you have been GIVEN BY GOD AS "the Gift of Salvation".. = by gaining REVELATION KNOWLEDGE regarding who you have become as a NEW CREATION, IN CHRIST.
"coming to the KNOWLEDGE" of this revelation, is how you "work out your Salvation".

Saint, Spiritual WORK is not self effort.

See that?
If you do, then you are now initially gaining understanding (Light) regarding how to work out your Salvation.
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