You use your Heavenly body to work; if you don't work, you fall to Earth - not that falling to Earth doesn't give you rest, but it doesn't empower you

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So from the title of this thread, you should already be able to work out that they purpose in Heaven is to empower. The joy you get from serving the Lord, is from serving, and while waiting on the Lord serves, the Lord is not always there. If the Lord is not there, you need to be empowered and the easiest and lightest way to be empowered, is to work. How do you work? With your Heavenly body!

Now you say "Ok, I can imagine having a Heavenly body, but I don't know what it will be like?" In essence, its the similar to being on Earth, not that we are always at rest (because we are on Earth), but that we pray and intercede and supplicate. If we pray and intercede and supplicate with our Heavenly bodies, how much more powerful will our prayer and intercession and supplication be? This you should rightly imagine, is something we can do for eternity. If God is pleased with our work, then He also can empower us. If we are empowered by work and God empowers us, there is nothing we will not be able to do.

Of course, a lot of work requires rest, and there is rest on Earth, but more importantly, there are many Earths. And what do they do with their Heavenly bodies? They pray and intercede and supplicate! They are able to do this in a similar fashion for eternity. So what unites us? The Lord! But who is the Lord? The One that says "That they may be One, just as We are One" - just as Jesus said! Indeed many will say "Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord". We will be able to say, just as we did not know what we would be like with Heavenly bodies, we had no idea what they with Heavenly bodies would be like. But how is God empowered by this? God works with His Heavenly body, in His Heavenly way.

We must be mindful then, how we work on Earth, that it mirrors what we will do in Heaven, lest there be division - division for eternity, causes a lot of strife. In other words, we must learn to work together, that when we have Heavenly bodies, they will work together in Heaven. This is the monumental challenge of Heaven, yes, we are in Heaven, but how much will those in Heaven with us, be able to work together with us? This is a mature question, for God does not force work on us, rather we see what work is possible and we enter in to that work, with those who have already worked. The Gospel is a great example of something that is produced by obedience to God, but that cannot be anything else, if men will not enter in to work for it. Imagine a Heavenly Gospel!

I hope this has been of some encouragement.

God bless.