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By marksman · Aug 17, 2018 · Updated Aug 17, 2018 · ·
  1. Whatever you believe, let me assure you now that being transgender is not what God intended. He is quite clear that he created us male and female and nowhere in scripture does it indicate that there was any other plan.

    Therefore the push for the transgender idea can only come from one person and that is Satan.

    People seem to have such difficulty knowing what the truth is. I don't because if you understand the basics, they will tell you all you need to know. It is like building a house. Get the foundations right and the rest will follow. So what is the foundation?

    The Holy Spirit will lead you into ALL truth. He will not feed you lies.

    Satan is the father of lies so he will not tell you the truth.

    Therefore, if you are confronted with anything that is contrary to scripture it is not the truth. If you are confronted with a lie, it is not from God.

    Add to that Satan's three main purposes in life is to steal, kill and destroy. He has done all that with the transgender. He has stolen his normal birthright from them. He has killed any hope of happiness. He has destroyed any hope of living a normal life.

    I have read stories of children who have felt that they were in the wrong body and wanted to become the opposite to what they are. Why is this?

    After a lot of study and thinking about this for a long time, it dawned on me that what was making them think like this was a spirit that had invaded their thinking. They invaded the child with a lie and as the child is not aware of the involvement of the spirit they believed the lie.

    Now, the answer to a spirit feeding us a lie like that is not to have bits cut off our bodies or medication to make our bodies what they are not. The answer is the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. The child needs to know that they have been lied to and that Jesus can solve the problem for them by the power of the Holy Spirit. Anything less is to sell them to a life of hell bearing in mind 40% of transgenders commit suicide.

    They have the right to know the truth that will set them free. Lies will not. All lies do is put you into bondage and as this is the latest attack by Satan on the image and creation of God, the church needs to get with it and provide hope and deliverance to transgenders.

    About Author

    A retired teacher who has been employed to research contentious issues for the church about life and society and has taught subjects that have involved day to day issues like politics, law, business and economics.

    I have been married for 48 years, have a daughter and a son and eleven grandchildren who are soooooooo gorgeous. If I had known they were going to be such fun I would have had them first.


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  1. JesusIsFaithful
    I believe that political activism plays a role in encouraging and supporting children to think otherwise as if they are old enough to make such adult decisions for their lives that will leave them sterile.

    One article for transgender ideology was about a girl who came in and complained about the boys not letting her play with them. Then she announced that she was a boy. I cannot fathom the parents for the reason why they were behind this transgender ideology for their daughter, but obviously, the problem lies with the boys outside rather than the gender of their child.

    I have seen girls play as quarterback on high school football teams. So why change the gender because she wants to play in the games that the boys were playing in?

    Transgender adults have an emotional and mental problem and it should not be coddled nor supported by political activism by any one, especially when they become sterile. Can children comprehend the consequence of transgender ideology? No. So stop selling it to them.
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    1. marksman
      A classic example of a deceiving spirit.