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  1. G

    When the World comes against us, its like we are going to come against them and give them the mark (of sin), but we don't: the Holy Spirit intercedes!

    Hi there, EDIT: I sort of wanted this to be about praise to the body of Christ for not sinning, but it ended up being more about the Holy Spirit - such is the Spirit! So you might not understand this, if you haven't been convicted of sin, over a long period of time: but there are psychological...
  2. G

    Fulfilling can be either of the Law or of the Spirit. Discuss.

    Hi there, So I have been wrestling with Evolution some time now, and it has finally spilled out into theology. The reason theology has become involved, is that I have begun to distinguish between the Law and the Spirit. Evolution takes advantage of the Law, making out obedience to be slavery...
  3. G

    You regret that you sinned, now get angry; you identify that learning from your sin was bad teaching, now get bitter (selah)

    Hi there, So something that has helped me tremendously in my walk with Christ, has been identifying where I need to do an about face. An about face is where you acknowledge that you have been heading in the wrong direction (down the wide road to destruction), and you hold still and turn around...
  4. GRACE ambassador

    Rightly Divided Bible 'Contrasts' [I]

    Bible Contrasts: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) To be cont'd in 11)...
  5. Ronald David Bruno

    GRACE ... is more than unmerited favor!

    "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast." Eph. 3:8-9 I was taught that Grace was God's "unmerited favor" towards mankind. But it is much more than that! Grace is the core theme of the New...
  6. Christian Believer

    What’s the big deal about sin?

    It is all about the forgiveness of sins. The forgiveness of sins is the main pillar of our Christian faith. Without it there is no relationship with God. The moment of the day we are renewed through the Lord's Prayer, God pours out His blessings! It is very clear throughout the scripture that...
  7. GRACE ambassador

    163 Reasons LORD JESUS Is Almighty God!!!

    160 Reasons (In 500 Passages) LORD JESUS CHRIST Is Almighty God By Thomas Golda Part I (of 5) Only because JESUS CHRIST Is Almighty God do we have reassurance that He can save His elect from eternal damnation and eternal torment. 1. JESUS IS The Visible Image of The Invisible God -...
  8. dga

    Love is Fault Blind

    It is easy if we do not love our neighbour, to start looking at their faults. The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. We should not be like the Pharisees, who did not emphasise love for their enemies, but were just looking to find out, what Jesus was not doing right, trying to find...
  9. H

    Seeking feedback regarding Honoring your parents

    hiiii, recently my faith has been renewed. as in the last week. my current struggle is honoring my parents with a new awareness regarding abuse and neglect. i’m learning to set healthy boundaries within all of my relationships. how do i heal, forgive, and honor without subjecting myself to...
  10. L

    Repost of Prayer request for Friendship

    I am someone who values every single person and appreciates the uniqueness of each individual and try to show Christ like love to everyone. Yet recently I have not always been executing behavior in Christ-like fashion. Admittedly I am a Moron when it come to people. I think I show kindness and...
  11. GRACE ambassador

    God's OPERATION On All HIS New-born babes In CHRIST!

    Precious friend(s). All Praise, Honor, And Glory To The LORD JESUS CHRIST, The Wonderful Saviour, And HIS Finished Work On The Deadly CROSS, (1 John 2:2, 4:10 KJB), In Love for All mankind! Amen? For He Hath Made Him sin For us, Who Knew no sin; that we might be Made The Righteousness Of...
  12. dga

    Confessing Some of Your Sins to Another

    When we look at James 5:16, we see that we are commanded by God, to confess our sins, to one another. Now, there are some Christians, who claim, that it means we should confess any of our sins, to other Christians. But does it mean, we must confess every sin we have committed, to other...
  13. MatthewG

    Imagine A World Without Forgiveness

    Always gotta have hope that God is taking care of people and their families, and that they are sharing and partaking in the Kingdom of God, for those who choose to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Imagine what anyone could do if there was no forgiveness, and thankfully the Lord Jesus Christ...
  14. Lovelytony22

    Could Satan's sins be forgiven if he repents?

    God is love, forgiving, and compassionate. Would he forgive Satan if he asks for forgiveness?
  15. ReChoired

    Forgiveness and Reconciliation

    Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  16. Pearl

    Effectiveness of the 'sinners' prayer'.

    It seems to me that the success of many outreach meetings is measured by the number of people who stand or come forward at the end to say the sinners' prayer but to me just saying the words of the 'sinners prayer' means nothing if you do not recognise that you really are a sinner who needs God's...
  17. Pearl


    THE DARK ROOM Ever since I was a fairly new Christian I have had meaningful dreams which I believe are from God who is teaching me life-lessons while I sleep. This was a fairly recent one. I inadvertently walked into a large room which was all black with just a bit of red decoration on the...
  18. Pearl


    This is a life lesson about our choice of coming out from the darkness into light and haw we can become comfortable in the dark areas of our lifes. It is also about forgiveness.
  19. Pearl


    THE DARK ROOM Ever since I was a fairly new Christian I have had meaningful dreams which I believe are from God who is teaching me life-lessons while I sleep. This was my latest: I inadvertently walked into a large room which was all black with just a bit of red decoration on the bedding of...
  20. Hidden In Him

    Parable Of The Unmerciful Servant

    Greetings all. My beliefs on this parable may bother some, if not many, but I only seek to interpret and teach the word for what it says. Specifically, I believe this parable teaches that those who do not walk in forgiveness will have their forgiveness from God rescinded. This interpretation...