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  1. G

    Jesus said "pray!" but people aren't praying! If they did, they would pray what He asked... let's pray! (heartfelt?)

    Hi there, So Jesus plainly said "pray that you be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man" (gospels, from memory). But are people praying that? I don't think so! Not continually anyway. This is serious! This is life-changing! Stand...
  2. G

    The Devil doesn't believe the Rapture is coming; the Devil is counting on the Tribulation causing Men to fear (still not praying?)

    Hi there, So just to bring you up to speed a little more: the role of the Devil, in relation to the Rapture and the Tribulation, is quite relevant. The Bible tells us that the Devil is the accuser of the Brethren (letters, from memory). What does he accuse the Brethren of? For one thing...
  3. Behold

    No Law : Under Grace

    - The law/commandments define transgression.. In other words, If there was no law or commandment that said....>"tho shalt not murder"< then if you murdered, there is nothing to define it as murder. "where there is NO LAW.....there is NO SIN.. no Transgression"... = There is no LAW that defines...
  4. G

    You're going to be there, thankyou sincerely (peace?)

    Hi there! So it has dawned on me that, the tribulation I face, will not be forever. Rather, it will be for a time. What is significant about that (time) is that, it does not apply to everyone. From this, it has been revealed to me, that there are some believers with me, who will outlive me. I...
  5. G

    Well, I warned you; you needed to pray "deliver and protect me" and you didn't - so now Jesus has spat you out as lukewarm (pity?)

    Peace, I just wanted to make you alert to your standing with Jesus. Jesus said "I could wish that you were hot or cold. But now because you are lukewarm, I will vomit you out of my mouth" (Revelation, from memory). So what is being lukewarm? Being lukewarm is being ambivalent about the command...
  6. G

    The Rapture will also be a time of mass suicide; the Tribulation a time of mass condemnation (still at rest?)

    Ok, So there is a little more to the picture, that is unfolding before us, as we head in to the time of Jacob's trouble: typically, we focus on the Rapture and put off thinking about the Tribulation - that's only natural. We can be calm and spirited about the Rapture; spirited and calm about...
  7. G

    The Rapture will be challenged, by the Great Doubt (slowing down?)

    Hi there, So I contend two things, here: one that the Holy Spirit reminds us of Jesus' Cross; two, that the inactivity of the Church, will lead to the battle of Armageddon. The concept I want you to understand, is that the world, in whatever state it is in, needs to see evidence of faith. When...
  8. Rapture and End Times

    World News Alert: Overcoming Goliath

    The story of David and Goliath is a timeless lesson about the power of faith, the strength of conviction, and the weapon that surpasses all others—the Word of God. Like David, we may face formidable giants in our lives. How can we be overcomers? World News Alert: Overcoming Goliath
  9. G

    If you're not calm and spirited, you are not ready for the tribulation; if you are not spirited and calm, you are not ready for the rapture (ready?)

    Hi there! So I thought I would post this in the Eschatological forum, because this is where the most contention about what is coming is to be found. I am not trying to present a specific case, for the order of things to come, save that I believe the experience of the Rapture, is supposed to...
  10. G

    Jesus promises those who surrender for the Gospel, will receive a hundredfold *with persecutions* (truly!)

    Hi there, So I am a bekeeper you might say (I keep Jesus' words), and my focus is on the Holy Spirit to come. Something that has dawned on me, in searching the scriptures, is that our suffering on Earth will not be without reward, but that there will also be persecutions. In other words, for...
  11. Rapture and End Times

    May 28: Pentecost Celebration!

    Pentecost is celebrated by Christians on May 28th. Pentecost was when the Lord gave Moses the law, and was the day the Church was born. Interestingly, Enoch was born and later taken up on Pentecost. Let's explore the prophetic implications in this post. May 28: Pentecost Celebration!
  12. Behold

    "Joint Heir with Christ"....... means...

    ALL The born again are "in Christ'". If you are only water baptized and religious, then you are not yet born again. If you have no idea what i mean, then you are probably not born again. Being BORN AGAIN = This mean's they, we, us, are literally and eternally joined to God and Christ...
  13. G

    The anti-Christ makes Israel strong, but strong in the Law (which is a curse)

    Hi there, So I just wanted to flesh this out for a moment, so that I get a proper grip on the subject, myself. The anti-Christ does not merely weaken the faith - that is a misconception. The anti-Christ makes what he believes in "strong" (now there is a difference between "strong" and...
  14. Rapture and End Times

    Transhuman and Immortal: Be Like God?

    A Google engineer predicts that humans will achieve immortality in eight years. The temptation of mankind to be like God is not new. In fact, it dates back to the Garden of Eden. What is a Christian to believe? Transhuman and Immortal: Be Like God?
  15. Behold

    Born again = No Sin

    - Saint, when you were born again..= "all things have become new". Let me show you an evidence. Its this.. Remember what you use to do, before you were born again? You loved sin, and didn't SEE IT as sin. You saw it as... "Life". That's How you use to think about sin, and you always wanted...
  16. Rapture and End Times

    Going Up: The Time is Near!

    Is the Tribulation near? A review of the latest world news is alarming. What is our hope as Christians? What is the timing of the Rapture? Let's explore the pretribulational view. Going Up: The Time is Near!
  17. G

    Could Jesus, be left behind? (faith?)

    Hi there, So, listen, I will be upfront with you, my faith has wavered a lot and I still have a taste for the controversial, and sometimes I dream something up, that I think I know that it will get a reaction. Here's something like that: I really don't know what to say up front, I would prefer...
  18. Rapture and End Times

    The Great Dying and the Three Raptures

    There will be three Raptures. After the first Rapture, the Lord removes His protection that has safeguarded the world from the worst of calamities. Then, the Cosmos takes it’s natural course. Very shortly, the entire world will go through the Great Dying. The Great Dying and the Three Raptures
  19. G

    After the Rapture, comes revival of the Rapture (think?)

    Hi there, So I feel like this is a simple point to make, but perhaps there is more to it: after the Rapture, comes revivals of the Rapture. This is something even a child (who has come to maturity) could understand. The purpose of the Rapture is not to come and go and never come again. Rather...
  20. G

    The anti-Christ will be beguiled, by the Devil's guilt: that he (the Devil) has no further accusation, for those who take the mark - it can't be true!

    Hi there, So just to be clear, there is almost no time left. The world awaits the coming of the anti-Christ. The Devil is ready to feign worship of the anti-Christ. But there is a problem: no matter how much the Devil worships the anti-Christ, there is no way for him (the Devil) to stop...