After the Rapture, comes revival of the Rapture (think?)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So I feel like this is a simple point to make, but perhaps there is more to it: after the Rapture, comes revivals of the Rapture. This is something even a child (who has come to maturity) could understand. The purpose of the Rapture is not to come and go and never come again. Rather, the Rapture begins to take place and keeps happening until it is over, not once and for all, but until Man has strength to endure the revival of the Rapture. Man would have strength to survive the initial Rapture, but he has not experienced it before and does not know what is coming upon him. After, Man has faced the rapture, with time he is willing to face the Rapture again.

This God does, that Man learn to strive with Him (for as the Old Testament says, "I will not always strive with Man", but also "I desire mercy, not sacrifice"). If Man can stand at the revival of the Rapture, he will see that God is good and that His plans for him are sound. In this way, God will win the world to Himself. There will be power in God, that Man will not be able to deny. Now, will men die at the revival of the Rapture? It is possible, but that will no longer be the express purpose (taking people straight to Heaven) of the Rapture, for in the revival of the Rapture, Men will be taken straight to Heaven on Earth - where one does not immediately die, without God (for you have His Creation). That said, Men will come to know their days are numbered.

If Men's days are numbered now, why do they face the Rapture to Heaven, at all? Because they are ignorant, not knowing what manner of relationship they have with God. If God desired He could save men at the Rapture, but that would be to deny them Heaven. Again, God could save men at the revival of the Rapture, but He would have to deny them Heaven on Earth. These things need to be sifted and weighed. The point is not to confuse the Rapture, with the Tribulation - on the one hand you die, but reach Heaven, on the other hand, you struggle and are lucky if you get a minor place on Earth (respectively). Does the Holy Spirit have power at the Rapture? That is up to Him. But does the Holy Spirit have power at the revival of the Rapture? Again, it is by His power, but to what degree is still up to Him.

What it should do, is give you confidence that you are not going to miss out on the Rapture; it's not going to happen without you noticing and then leave you with nothing (to go on, in a manner of speaking). God will be there, a constant throughout. The Lord will be seeking those who can praise God with Him. You, especially you (believer) will have power, because of the Rapture, whether you live or die. That is the mystery, but also the mastery of the Spirit, that God extends our lives and enlarges our power, because we remain true to His Word. Even despite what goes on around us, keeping God's Word delivers us. Even if what we face comes a second time, there will be power, in remaining true to God's Word.

I hope this has broadened your horizon, a little.

God bless.


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Mar 4, 2023
Lincoln, NE
United States
After the Rapture we will be in our Glorified Bodies, and we will know as we are KNOW BY CHRIST.

BUT there is a RIVAL OF THE JEWS, thanks to Two Witnesses of Revelation
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