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Featured Another question for mormons.

Discussion in 'Christian Theology Forum' started by justbyfaith, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. ReChoired

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    THE BOOK OF MORMON - A Re-Title Exercise

    THE BOOK OF MORMON - A Re-Title Exercise

    A test of mental skill and artistic ability:

    A single picture has just been given to you, representing the heart of a brand new Phantasy Fiction Novel of a dangerous religious sci-fi adventure, which was once tentatively titled the "Book of Mormon", but whose title was extremely lethargic, incompetent and impotent, and thus needs a new captivating, brilliant and viril name:

    Here is the phantastic picture:


    Now, you, dear reader, get to re-name this classic failure of phantasy. Who will take up the challenge? Who will reforge this hodgepodge of ecclesiastical action fiction into a new sword of mythology?

    Cite this entire post, and place your names:

    Some starter suggestions:

    [1] Buried Talents

    [2] Ohh,... I shouldn't have eaten that burrito before I came out here ...

    [3] The Final Resting Place Of The Fool's Gold

    [4] Do Liars Really Pray? - A Cockamamie Tale

    [5] Just Imagine -- Shot While Falling Out A Prison Window, And For What?

    [6] Wishful Thinking - The Story Begins

    [7] Ommmm, I AM ... Ommmmm ... I AM ... Ommmm, 'Hello.' ... I AM ... Ommmm, I AM, "Wait!? What?!!!, Who's There?" "I thought it was just me out here. ...", 'Oh, ok, forget I said anything then.' ... ...

    [8] *Whew*, carrying these gold things all the way out here is gonna be the death of me, better pray before ... - *croak*, *ack*, *thud* ...

    [9] ArchaeoLIEogical Records: Once upon a time that never was in a place that never existed ...

    [10] No one will ever find my comic book for specially challenged people way out here ...
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  2. farouk

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    @TLHKAJ 'By faith' is the recurring qualification given in Hebrews 11 for the justified.
  3. amadeus

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    Thank you for the verses. Perhaps I intended my question to be rhetorical. Take care my friend as you walk with God!