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attempting to overcome addiction

Discussion in 'Addiction & Recovery Forum' started by peacemaker777, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. peacemaker777

    peacemaker777 New Member

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    i'm from new york where everything is easily accessible and within reach. food is right around the corner and i'm trying to overcome this addiction.
    this curiosity with food and my addiction to curry and malaysian foods.

    I finally got rid of addiction for mcdonalds after hearing about human meat being mixed in with horse meat in their burgers. And this is something i saw on christianitytoday website. it was disturbing to say the least. even if it's not true, it's enough to make me think twice before biting into a triple cheese burger at mickey d's.

    Now i just need to figure out how to make roti's with curry dip and i think i'll get it out of my system.
  2. shnarkle

    shnarkle New Member

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    There's some guy who bought a Big Mac meal a few years ago and placed it on a shelf in his home. Every six months or so he buys another Big Mac meal and compares it with the one on the shelf. They look identical. He has some videos on youtube where he compares them. Pretty amazing to see bread that doesn't get mold, meat that doesn't rot, lettuce, pickes and tomatoes that look identical to what he just bought. Be definition, that isn't really even food.

    There's another guy on youtube who bought a package of Breyers ice cream and poured it into a bowl, then set it out overnight. The next day it looked pretty much the same. There was some liquid in the bottom of the bowl, but the ice cream itself looked exactly the same at room temperature; pretty disturbing what these outfits are putting into their products these days.

    Another outfit has found a way to genetically splice a gene that causes apples to appear fresh when they're really rotting. Great idea, what?
  3. heavenforbid

    heavenforbid New Member

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    You mean triple horse burger.