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Hostility towards Catholics

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by lforrest, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. lforrest

    lforrest Well-Known Member Staff Member Admin

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    There has always been some hostility between Protestants and Catholics here on Christianity board, but within the last few months it has escalated to a point of dominating the discussions and created a toxic environment. Some members have devoted all of their efforts here to defending their side and, I apologize, that is coming to an end.

    We do not want to alienate Catholic members with constant confrontation. So we are placing a moratorium on new topics regarding the Catholic church. This includes their practices, papal authority, eschatology, or controversies surrounding them. Topics created regarding the Catholic church may be deleted instead of being locked.

    As always derailing another topic is against the rules, as are character attacks based on denominational affiliation.
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Thread Status:
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