How much of your faith, is what has already been established? (adding?)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

This is just a simple thought, that we don't need to reinvent the wheel theologically. Something like the separation of Church and State, does not need to come and go - at different times for different reasons: the separation is final, because the separation is functional. Other things mean less, the more faith you have: Jesus said "permit it to be so, that all righteousness be fulfilled", but now that that has been done, there is reason to suggest that believing in the righteousness of Jesus is enough. The important thing is that Jesus said "he who is intructed in the things of God, is like a householder that brings out of his storage things new and old". What I am asking here, is 'what is a good balance between new and old?'

If you suggest you would rather have all kinds of original beliefs, that haven't been established before, then in principle friendship is going to mean a lot more to you, than someone who is satisfied with what has been established already (and who would rather be lead on the basis of those things already established). The reality is that faith requires some friendship and some leading, but it is important to think about why that is, and to what extent. There is a stronger wind around someone who God has sent, than someone who has established themselves, in the provision of alternatives to what is already believed. That stronger wind, brings about more change. Someone who establishes themselves, to the degree that they are still established in Christ, will bring about more leading. This is the process of the faith, throughout time.

The trouble for the faith, is maintaining unity, despite the Devil's advances. The Devil does not care for new beliefs or old. That said, it must be noted that - largely because of leadership - it is easier to keep those beliefs, that have already been well and truly established. Someone who sees the Day of the Holy Spirit's coming (promised in John), will find it a lot harder to defend their faith from the Devil, than the person who simply trusts the Day of the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus provides both established belief and also, to a great extent established leadership, though there is still room for more leadership, in terms of overcoming on the basis of what has been established in belief. We have the words of Jesus, which are also the Wisdom of the Great King. The point is that the Devil will come against belief less, simply because it is so well established, but leadership the Devil will snare, primarily because he wants leadership himself - where we note also, that the degree to which the Devil's leadership is established is a good thing, to the degree that it agrees with both the Lord and His leadership. The Devil may want to be in power for notoriety's sake, but he will have to make good with the Righteousness of God in Christ, if he wants it to pass muster.

In principle, this means that we must be aware of what aspect of our faith, is the Lord's doing, and what is a reaction to the Devil. Part of this, is simply humbling ourselves to the fact that we do not know everything, but simply that on their own, the words of Jesus are enough. This is what is meant by the idea that 'a portion of our faith, is established, if it has been established in God'. God then, is either young or old, depending on how developed our faith in Him is. If we know we want more established faith (as I do), then trusting what has come before, in terms of faith, is crucial. Words do not just die. We must be mindful that both our words and the Lord's both ought to come from the Lord. There is a great peace in this - if the Lord is able to bring every principality and power into submission to His Word and Testimony, through His Words. If we can establish this with the Holy Spirit in us, then all faith will be established in what has been first established.

I hope this has been of some encouragement to you.

God bless.