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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola

Maybe you teach SS......
Maybe you should. >??
Maybe you shouldn't...yet.

But if you do, then you always need to keep the Student grounded in the Grace of God, which is the understanding = regarding WHY Jesus died on the Cross and what this "finished".... as Jesus said from the Cross.

Always remember that to have a faith that is "Cross centered" is to have a faith that is God Blessed.

Here you go. Use this, if you are able.

SS Student....= God said...... If you take Jesus, I'll take you.
That's the Gospel. And that's God's promise, and God can't lie.
Now....The technical part, the Theology of it all, can sometimes get in the way of the simple truth of it.

God said, ""if you take my Son into your heart, believing, i'll make you my Son/Daughter forever = because you once did.""

"Faith is counted as (Christ's) Righteousness.

SS Student......Being born again, is eternal proof you have given God what He required, and He gave you what He promised.
Its done.
Being born again, is the proof that you have become "in Christ" " One with God'... and now have Eternal Life.

See how SIMPLE that is??
Just you, Jesus, and God.

= "the simplicity that is in Christ"... as Paul teaches.

You take Jesus, = God takes you.
You BELIEVE, and God does the rest for you, as it His Salvation you are being Given as a GIFT.
SS Student.... we all come to God as a sinner, ungodly, hell bound, and God rescues us from Hell, saves us forever, and gives us Eternal Life through Christ.
= The GIFT of Salvation.

Notice that God did it all?
You part is to let Him.
That is Real FAITH.

Another view...

Lets say there is no bible, no theology, no seminary, no denominations, and all there is on this earth, is just people who have sinned.
God says to us all..."I can't have a relationship with you, as my Spirit is Holy, and your spirit is not.. because... "all have sinned".
God says...= Your Sin has separated us, and so I offered my Son for you, for ALL your sin, so that by this eternal sin offering, (The Cross of Christ).. i can have you as my own Son/Daughter....forever "

God says...>"will you take my Son into your heart, believing what i just told you ??
Will you let my Son Jesus die for all your sin, so that i can have you as my Son/Daughter, forever" ??
"Will you give me your TRUST ???? as "faith is counted as (Christ's) righteousness and you will be "justified by faith".

SS Student.... Have you said "yes I BELIEVE"? Do you remember that day, that moment, that you TRUSTED IN CHRIST?

That is : "The simplicity that is IN Christ".. And that is "the Day of your Salvation".

= You take JESUS, and God takes you.
God offers His Son on The Cross, to eternally establish you as His Son/Daughter..
This is the Blood Atonement doing that for you.
This is the eternal redemption that is found only "in Christ". John 14:6

SS Student...., what is your part in God's Salvation?
You are to receive it, by faith.
That's YOUR part. and nothing more, unless you can die on the Cross for all your sin.
I wouldn't try that, if i were you .

You are to receive God's "GIFT of Salvaiton">... by BELIEVING That God will do what He said,.... always keeping your eyes on Jesus who is made unto you, = RIGHTEOUSNESS, Redemption... Eternal Life, Eternal Forgiveness, Sanctification, and Justification.

GOD told us, If you will take my Son, i will make you forever mine....forever.
Do you trust Him?

SS Student........Jesus proved this is all True when He rose from the Dead.
And He did.
Jesus is ALIVE !.


""all that Call......all that Come....all that WILL.. I will make you Mine Forever, God says."" John 3:16