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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
The born again are to "Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth".

1.) So, in that verse you find that you study to end up with right understanding of Spirituality, that is approved of : "God who is A Spirit"

2.) And, by getting the Spiritual knowledge, you wont be shamed later before God, when you thought you knew something and you didn't.

3.) And, "spiritual discernment" is developed by study that leads to more spiritual understanding that leads to more spiritual discernment that becomes a guide in life and also teaches you how to "rightly divide" the word, .. as the "word of God is spiritually discerned".

So, all that you are learning is ..... The Knowledge of God.
In other words, its what He knows that is being revealed to you as "revelation knowledge" that is "the eyes of your understanding being opened", and that is your inner man being spiritually developed to Spiritually Discern.

4.) How does this actually happen?
It happens when God takes your study and gives you Light. or, it happens when a Teacher gives you the word and God gives you the revelation.

Exactly how does that happen?
It happens like this. = Jesus, who is in you, if you are born again and not just water baptized and religious but lost.......then Jesus who is in you, and is spiritually joined to you, is "in Whom are all the treasures of wisdom and Knowledge"., and the born again are "in Christ".
See that?
That is the "knowledge of God". So, """Christ in you""", is THAT Knowledge. And "revelation knowledge" is the Light of Revelation being shown to you as inner enlightenment.

5.) You've read....>"You need not any man to teach you".... Right?
You've read that?
Yet God gave Teachers to the Body of Christ.

So, if you dont need someone like me to teach you, then why does God give Teachers to you?

Let me explain....

When i wrote this Thread, im the Teacher, but you dont need me to teach you......as The Thread's Revelation is not Taught, its REVEALED.
So that verse means......you dont need a man to teach you to know spirituality, because its Christ in you that is the Revealer of the teaching as :
= The Light of Revelation.

See that? That's the Holy Spirit.....or "Christ IS THAT Spirit".

6.) Let me show you how God just revealed something to you, or will.

See if you understand this... = The words in my Thread, and the words in the Holy Bible are just words.....its the REVELATION of the words as your spiritual discernment that is the "LIGHT" or the "Knowledge of the Truth".

You'll be reading my posts, or my Threads, or the Holy Bible, and you suddenly know something that makes perfect sense, that you'd never seen before.
And Its like you always knew it... """'oh, that is so simple".....and yet, last week you didnt understand it at all... but now its so SIMPLE to understand its ...
= A, B, C... 1.2,3.. 1+1=2.

See that?
That is the Light of Revelation becoming in you..... The Knowledge of God.
= That's Spiritual Discernment.

Ok, one more....

Peter the apostle was learning this also, and wrote that....... "Paul's letters are sometimes hard to understand"., and that is because you have to spiritually discern them, Peter......
John Calvin could not discern the NT at all, and ended up writing a Cross Denying Theology that is a Curse upon the Body of Christ for hundreds of years.

And So, READER..... that is how it is when you are getting The LIGHT of Revelation, as you dont just read it and get it...... You are shown it, as The Light of Revelation., when you STUDY.
That is : Spiritual Discernment... and "the word of God is Spiritually Discerned"
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