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    Is it just me, or does artificially intelligent "art" provoke suicidal thoughts? (soullessness?)

    Hi there, So whenever I look at artificially intelligent art, I get suicidal thoughts. It's something to do with the "art" having no soul behind it? What are your thoughts? Is it too much? Please!
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    The cross will be broken, the Holy Spirit's life will gush forth (will you wait for dry land?)

    Hi there, This is the groaning of the Spirit, for the world - just as the love of God was for the world. The Cross will be broken, as the anti-christ leads the Jews away into disbelieving, but the Holy Spirit leads the nations back to the love that was there at the first of Creation. This love...
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    The Devil doesn't make sense, can't give direction, but he's *mean* (will the Holy Spirit deliver us?)

    Hi there, So here we are, waging spiritual warfare and what do we find? We find that the Devil makes no sense to God, nor can he give direction. We know he speaks from his own resources (as Jesus said) and that means that his memories are uninspired and his giving direction is too weak to be...
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    Is the anti-christ, the son of the false prophet? (link?)

    Hi there, So this has been annoying me for some time: when is the anti-christ going to appear? The thing is, if you need to know when he is going to appear, you need to know with what power? Why? Because once the anti-christ is there, there will be a struggle over that power. Now, I know this...
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    The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, is different for all but the Sinful Arrester (free?)

    Hi there, So there has been some question about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, from time to time - as people grapple with whether they are beyond forgiveness or not. Some people say "I have blasphemed the Holy Spirit!" but they don't know how or to what extent. Other people give answers like...
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    If we do not need to reinvent the faith, what do we do instead of reinventing it? (wait?)

    Hi there, So this is a fairly simple, but genuine question: if we do not need to reinvent the faith, what do we do instead of reinventing it? There is something we all do, in the spirit - which may be different for everyone - so fundamentally, we should be doing that? Right? I think for me...
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    The Devil causes us (the brethren) to fight! Can we catch him, in the act? (powerfully?)

    Hi there, So this is not about casting the Devil out of our fellow brothers. This is about just acknowledging that we are tempted, to vilify and provoke and distrust our brothers. It hurts us, our conscience, but we still do it - and its time we called the Devil out on it! I say with boldness...
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    The Two Witnesses, were witnesses to the light (the dream of light, the vision of light) (telling?)

    Hi there, So there is a little bit of speculation about who the Two Witnesses were - indeed you are free to ask the Holy Spirit, if you would like - but I thought it might help to just contextualize their ministry a little. The Two Witnesses were witnesses of the Light. There were two angles...
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    To be in agreement with the Holy Spirit, you need to pray that your memories be ready and your obedience available (charged?)

    Hi there, So there is a little verse, where Jesus says the Holy Spirit will come to bring all things to remembrance and instruct you in all things. What does this mean? It means that to be ready for the Holy Spirit, we need to be praying for our memories and obedience. If our memories are...
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    Jesus is waiting, to praise the Father; be a reason for Jesus, to praise the Father (songful?)

    Hi there! So I have been working at being closer to Jesus and He suddenly revealed to me, what the Joy of Heaven, is to Him. The Joy of Heaven to the Lord, is that He is able to give praise to the Father. Praise He was denied in this life, is now available to Him (to give to the Father). When...
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    Iniquity robs the child, but the Lord is able to command a lesser resurrection (in need of someone coming down to your level?)

    Hi there, So there is a great passage in the Gospels, where Jesus heals a little girl (Mark 5:41). What is remarkable, is that Jesus doesn't say "no, resurrection is for adults", rather He condescends to her and says to her "Talitha cumi" (that is, "I say to you, arise"). The point is, He does...
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    Please pray for Australia (even a short prayer?)

    Hi there, So we have Australia, right? And we all like to think of ourselves as "mates", we don't like someone sticking their head up above the rest, we work hard professionally with the time we have left. But we are under foreign rule! All our decisions are made, as if being dispossessed is...
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    Soul dies for soul, that's the soul (selah)

    Hi there, So this is a simple proverb, its not meant to be complicated. The question of which soul dies for which, does complicate it - but only in the sense that the soul can die for soul other than itself. For example the soul can die for the soul of a friend. The soul is still the soul, but...
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    God shortens the Days, but He prolongs the Moment (need time?)

    Hi there, So this is actually a very simple thing, that is reflected in John 1:1. John 1:1 says "in the beginning was the word, and the word was God and the word was with God". What's happening here, from God's perspective? What is happening is that time is slowing down: the word is introduced...
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    If you keep the faith, throughout life - you will have a chance to restore, that which sin would have destroyed (had you not believed) (expecting?)

    Hi there, So post coming to the realisation that even having fallen away from the faith, I still had an opportunity to get a second wind (renewed faith), I started to wonder what it would have been like, if I had never fallen away. What I learned from the Holy Spirit, was that even if I had not...
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    How much of your faith, is what has already been established? (adding?)

    Hi there, This is just a simple thought, that we don't need to reinvent the wheel theologically. Something like the separation of Church and State, does not need to come and go - at different times for different reasons: the separation is final, because the separation is functional. Other...
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    The Devil doesn't believe the Rapture is coming; the Devil is counting on the Tribulation causing Men to fear (still not praying?)

    Hi there, So just to bring you up to speed a little more: the role of the Devil, in relation to the Rapture and the Tribulation, is quite relevant. The Bible tells us that the Devil is the accuser of the Brethren (letters, from memory). What does he accuse the Brethren of? For one thing...
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    The Devil gets around the Law, by provoking God to do more than necessary (provoked?)

    Hi there, So this was something of a mystery until now: the Devil gets around the Law, by provoking God to do more than necessary. It is not that the Devil has no purpose and is ready to lose - he is personally aware that God desires only to humble Himself, that everything that God creates, is...
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    Death is wise, in the eyes of the Law (prudent?)

    Hi there, So there is a simple proverb to learn, when it comes to death and the Law: What does this mean? It means that when you do wrong, there is a standard - of the difference between life and death - that ought to be heeded. For when you weigh the Law, it ought to be done with compassion...
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    Unless you are preaching "inspiration and peace" you are wasting the mature believer's time (still amazed?)

    Hi there, So there is a very simple fact that needs to be addressed: there is a gospel, that progresses beyond "saved by Grace". Being saved by Grace is still foundational, but it is not exclusive. In other words, there is a time for being saved by Grace, but there is also a time for dying to...